I am often asked: "What is Keeping Early Years Unique?"


The Keeping Early Years Unique movement (KEYU for short) was born in March 2015.  It was initially a  Facebook page I started as a haven for people working in early childhood education.  I was becoming aware of pressure in the early years sector, not just on the adults working there, but the children too and their families. I was often finding myself feeling isolated in the world of social media, defending childrens right to play and develop at their own rate.  I was beginning to feel maybe I was alone in my views. I founded KEYU  and it quickly became clear that I most definitely was not.
The group quickly grew and today has over 45,000 members from around the world. However something amazing has happened.  Something I could never predicted as  I stood in my kitchen adding my first friend, Leah Morris, to the group and contemplating what I should call this group.
Keeping Early Years Unique has evolved from an Early Years facebook page into a movement. It it is a movement, bringing together and empowering early years advocates from around the world, promoting practice with children and their development at its core.  
If you stand with me and 45,000 others please join us on Facebook and Twitter.

                     Elaine Bennett KEYU Founder