KEYU Policy on Equality and Anti-Discrimination



KEYU’s Policy on equality and anti-discrimination is based on The Equality Act of 2010 and its nine ‘protected characteristics.’


The Act prohibits unlawful treatment on the grounds of the nine protected characteristics, which are:


1. Age – over 18 years old

2. Disability, physical or mental impairment

3. Gender Reassignment – protection of transsexual people

4. Marriage and Civil Partnership – either of both genders or the same gender

5. Pregnancy and Maternity – during the period of pregnancy and maternity any discrimination is not treated

            as sex discrimination

6. Race – includes the different elements of colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin.

7. Religion or Belief.  Belief means any structured religious of philosophical belief, or lack of such belief.

8. Sex (gender) – discrimination must not occur because a person is or is not a particular gender.

9. Sexual orientation – the law applies equality whether someone is a lesbian, gay, heterosexual or bisexual.


Discrimination is based on the actual or perceived unfair treatment which is defined as; Direct, Indirect, Harassment, Victimisation or the failure to make reasonable adjustments (in the case of an employer.)


Members of KEYU are expected to adhere to these characteristics in their capacity as employers, employees, sub-contractors, service-providers, trainers, facilitators or in any other professional or personal capacity where they represent KEYU, KITE or associated entities.  This includes interactions in person, on-line, verbally, via social media and recorded media such as film, video, Vlogs or similar.


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