Get involved!

We CAN stop baseline. 

We WILL stop baseline. 

We MUST stand together.  




1. Please get involved.

Sign and share this petition:



2. Read and share our letters to parents and carers (KEYU insists you only do this with permission from your school/setting leaders).


3. Read and share our letter to pracititoners with your friends and colleagues.  We need everyone to know about baseline testing. This is NOT just about Reception teachers. It will affect us all and it will affect all children too.


4. Watch and share this short film outlining the case against baseline and LIKE the More than a Score facebook page.

A letter to Parents and Carers about Baseline testing from "Keeping Early Years Unique"
Please feel free to print and share this letter with parents and carers. If you work in a school or setting, Keeping Early Years Unique insist that you gain permission from leaders/managers before doing this.
KEYU Baseline Parent and carer letter.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [220.0 KB]
A letter to Practitioners about Baseline testing from "Keeping Early Years Unique"
Please read and share this letter with friends and colleagues working with young children. Thank you.
KEYU Baseline Practitioner letter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [309.5 KB]


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