A Collective Open Letter in Response to #BoldBeginnings Report coordinated by Keeping Early Years Unique

On 30th November 2017, OFSTED published “Bold beginnings: The Reception curriculum in a sample of good and outstanding primary schools”. In response to the concern of the early sectors in response to this report,  “Keeping Early Years Unique” coordinated this open letter. To date it has over 3000 signatories including, amongst others:


  • Reception teachers
  • Nursery teachers
  • School leaders including headteachers
  • Governors
  • School support staff
  • Parents and carers
  • MPs
  • Leading early years organisations
  • Professors 
  • Researchers
  • Union leaders
  • Academics
  • Lecturers 
  • Early Years practitioners
  • Childminders
  • Consultants and trainers
  • Authors


(A shortened version of this letter was published on 16th January 2018 in the Guardian and was also sent to Amanda Spielman, OFSTED Chief Inspector and Damian Hinds MP, Education Secretary on the same day)




A Collective Open Letter in Response to #BoldBeginnings Report coordinated by "Keeping Early Years Unique"


We are writing to express our concern over the possibility of the government introducing developmentally inappropriate practice into reception classes in England. We are alarmed by the recommendations made by Ofsted’s ‘Bold Beginnings’ report and have been moved to write this letter calling for the report to be withdrawn.


The report claims to describe practices in successful reception classes around the country. It also refers to the increased demands placed on Year One children and implies that, to meet these demands, reception classes should be taught in a similar way to Year One. Finally, ‘Bold Beginnings’ asserts that successful schools have already: heightened their expectations in reception classes; written their own reception curriculums; and introduced teaching practices like those adopted for six and seven-year olds. In this letter, we will explain why these claims are so alarming to early years practitioners and why the ‘Bold Beginnings’ report could cause huge detriment to our youngest schoolchildren.


Our main concern is that the research underpinning the report is flawed and biased. The report is based on visits to less than 0.25% of schools. It is quite apparent that Ofsted visited only those schools where the approach to teaching was congruent with the recommendations the report would later make - i.e. where teaching in reception classes was similar to teaching in Year One.  What this essentially means is: a narrowing of the reception curriculum to focus on literacy and maths; more adult-led, ‘formal’ teaching; and less recognition of the potential benefits of learning through child-initiated play.


Indeed, there is not one mention of ‘play’ in the report’s recommendations, whereas there are 15 separate references to phonics, reading, writing and maths. There are also some worryingly specific and absurd recommendations - for example that schools should ensure reception children are taught ‘how to sit correctly at a table’.
Conversely, there are thousands of reception classes across England that achieve excellent outcomes through a broad and balanced curriculum in which play is the central feature.  In such classes, the teachers create enabling environments where young children can engage in purposeful play in order to develop emotionally, physically and cognitively.  These teachers spend appropriate amounts of time teaching literacy and numeracy skills both to groups and individual children - but more importantly they are highly skilled in observing, assessing and interacting with the children as they play. Young children have hugely varied life experiences before they come into school and excellent reception teachers have the knowledge, skills and ability to adopt the approach that is just right for a particular child.

It is a potential disaster for early years education that these child-led, play-based, individualised approaches have not been fully recognised or valued in the ‘Bold Beginnings’ report.  At best the report pays lip service to them.

Ofsted has done a lot of important work over recent years to clarify their role, encouraging schools to do what they think is best for their children and iterating that ‘Ofsted has no preferred method’ of teaching.  It is therefore deeply concerning that they have not included a variety of effective teaching methods in this ‘Bold Beginnings’ report.  In many schools, the senior leadership teams do not have a background in early childhood development, so they look to Ofsted for advice and guidance. We have already learned of numerous examples of apprehensive leadership teams forcing changes onto reception teachers for fear of getting things ‘wrong’.  These teachers have contacted us because they know they are being asked to work in developmentally inappropriate ways and they are, quite rightly, worried about the negative impact this will have on the children in their classes.

We have one of the youngest school starting ages in the world.  In most countries children do not start school until the age of six.  These countries have comparable or better educational outcomes than us.  In England we have seen a leap in the demands of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1.  However, these demands do not change the basic developmental needs of young children. We feel strongly that we must protect the children in this critical foundation stage from the ‘top down’ pressure that is a main theme of the ‘Bold Beginnings’ report.  


We expect Ofsted and the Department for Education to take our concerns seriously.  We urge reception teachers to remain steadfast and to continue to base their practice on their professional knowledge of how young children learn best. We ask senior leadership teams to have confidence in their teachers and to give them the freedom and support they need.  We call on families to advocate for every child’s right to learn through play, with practical, developmentally-appropriate experiences.


The ‘Bold Beginnings’ report is based on flawed methodology, and yet it will now be used as a basis for future educational policy. We are therefore asking for the report be withdrawn.  We also want the government to review their plans regarding changes to the reception year, to ensure it remains enshrined in best practice as recognised in thorough research.  The proposed changes in the ‘Bold Beginnings’ report will be harmful to children in the long term and must therefore be challenged.  Education is our collective responsibility and we must ensure that it is fit for purpose.    



If you share our concerns about the Bold Beginnings report and its potential implications for early years education in England please follow the link below. (Names will be updated regularly)





Anna Ephgrave Author and consultant, Keeping Early Years Unique Steering Group Benington, Hertfordshire
Elaine Bennett EYFS/Yr1 Leader and Founder of Keeping Early Years Unique Southend On Sea
Kathryn Solly Early Years Specialist Consultant/ Former Head Teacher, Keeping Early Years Unique Steering Group Reading, Berkshire
Kym Scott Early Years Consultant, Keeping Early Years Unique Steering Group Bromley
Ruth Moore Early Years Consultant, Keeping Early Years Unique Steering Group Enfield
Dr Sue Allingham Independent Early Years Consultant, Keeping Early Years Unique Steering Group Richmond upon Thames
Leah Morris Foundation Stage Lead, Keeping Early Years Unique Steering Group Southend on Sea Essex
David Cahn Early Years Practitioner, Keeping Early Years Unique Leeds, West Yorkshire
Humera Reception Teacher Bradford, West Yorkshire
Elizabeth Jarvis Reception Teacher Enfield/London
Charlie Hearne Reception Teacher Harlow
Terri Dawson Reception Teacher Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria
Andrea hanratty Reception Teacher Birmingham
Sarah Nurden Reception Teacher Maidstone, Kent
Sarah Reception Teacher Abu Dhabi, UAE
Anita Sutton Reception Teacher Bristol
Megan Oliver Reception Teacher East Tilbury
Anna B Reception Teacher Leeds, West Yorkshire
Laura Clarke Reception Teacher Sutton, surrey
Tessa Briggs Reception Teacher Ipswich, Suffolk
Nikki Reid Reception Teacher Sutton
Joanna Fleming Reception Teacher Cockermouth Cumbria
Yvonne Chatt Reception Teacher Felixstowe Suffolk
Becky O'Reilly Reception Teacher Ipswich Suffolk
Keeley Pudney Reception Teacher Dagenham
Sally Wilkes Reception Teacher Staffordshire
Holly J Reception Teacher Manchester
Zoe Reception Teacher Retford
Jo Burton Reception Teacher Milton Keynes, Bucks
Sarah Parry Reception Teacher Carlisle, Cumbria
katedordoy Reception Teacher Harlow/Essex
Emma Daniel Reception Teacher Maidstone, Kent
Claire Suttle Reception Teacher Bishops Stortford/Herts
Rachael Pollarx Reception Teacher Accrington, Lancashire
Abigail Gildea Reception Teacher Colchester
Rebecca Underwood Reception Teacher Kettering, Northamptonshire
Liz Pratt Reception Teacher St Albans
Paula Worthy Reception Teacher Sunderland
Anita Flanagan Reception Teacher Lancashire
Lucy Robinson Reception Teacher Leeds, West Yorkshire
Claire Underwood Reception Teacher Northampton, Northamptonshire
K Campbell Reception Teacher Halifax, West Yorkshire
Jade Osborne Reception Teacher Gosport, Hampshire
Mary Arthur Reception Teacher Penryn Cornwall
Sarah Cocker Reception Teacher Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Keith Barrett Reception Teacher Redruth, Cornwall
Lizzie Harrison Reception Teacher Milton Keynes
Sharon mannering Reception Teacher Stafford
Jilly Read Reception Teacher Southend on sea
Carly Reception Teacher Mevagissey, Cornwall
Emma Rapley Reception Teacher Cambridge
Diane Campkin Reception Teacher Cheshunt, Herts
Kate Reception Teacher Newark, Nottingham
Polly Edge Reception Teacher Cambridge
Rebecca Reception Teacher Uckfield, East Sussex
Rebecca Reception Teacher Cambridge
Sarah Jones Reception Teacher Launceston, Cornwall
Laura Graham Reception Teacher Lewisham, London
Theresa Batey Reception Teacher Milton Keynes
Sarah Dempsey Reception Teacher Bracknell
Theresa northcott Reception Teacher Wiltshire
Karly Prescott Reception Teacher Wigan
Caroline Debono Reception Teacher Ipswich
Katie Ward Reception Teacher Birmingham
J Fisher Reception Teacher Brixham, Devon
Maria Mancebo Reception Teacher Northolt, Ealing, Middlessex
Kay-Marie Thomas Reception Teacher Wimborne/Dorset
Sarah Wallace Reception Teacher Chester
Hayley Weston Reception Teacher Romsey, Hampshire.
Ella Richardson Reception Teacher London
Elspeth Reception Teacher Brighton
Julia Martin Reception Teacher Guernsey, Channel Islands
Christie dines Reception Teacher Northamptonshire
Jane Burling Reception Teacher Epping Essex
Jessica Iles Reception Teacher Folkestone Kent
Lucy kuyper Reception Teacher Suffolk
Lucy Rees Reception Teacher Clevedon, North Somerset
Dominique Downey Reception Teacher Lancashire
Rebecca Webb Reception Teacher Sittingbourne Kent
Katherine Dexter Reception Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
M Machin Reception Teacher Essex
Jane Burling Reception Teacher Epping Essex
Helen Woolf Reception Teacher Salford Greater Manchester
Helen Banning Reception Teacher Wokingham
Mrs C Stoddart Reception Teacher South Yorkshire
Sally Tyler Reception Teacher Brightlingsea, Essex
Kin Chambers Reception Teacher Norwich
Helen hartness Reception Teacher GatesHead
Eleanor Elliott Reception Teacher Tiptree, Essex
Hannah Allen Reception Teacher London
Sarah Brady Reception Teacher Liverpool
Niamh Doherty Reception Teacher London
Emma Heaven Reception Teacher Walsall
Melissa Armstrong Reception Teacher Durham
Laura Glynn Reception Teacher South Ockendon, Essex
Amy Howard Reception Teacher Manchester, England
Siobhan Beirne Reception Teacher Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Nicola Giles Reception Teacher Brentwood Essex
Karen Reilly Reception Teacher North Lincolnshire
Pennie Hills Reception Teacher Dartford Kent
Melissa Reception Teacher Surrey
Melanie Norton Reception Teacher Northampton
Jo McLeish Reception Teacher Nottingham
Catherine Lyons Reception Teacher Peterborough
Jane Wayts Reception Teacher Nottingham, Nottingham City
Linda Harvey Reception Teacher Cuddington, Buckinghamshire
Ellie Anderson Reception Teacher East Riding of Yorkshire
Sarah Witkowski Reception Teacher London
Emily Taylor Reception Teacher Oxfordshire
Sinead Reception Teacher Sleaford, Lincs
Emma Luzolo Reception Teacher Woodley Berkshire
Rhiannon Macdonald Reception Teacher Colchester, Essex
Arpana Reception Teacher Shanghai, China
Jayne MacIntyre Reception Teacher Hastings East Sussex
Kate Webb Reception Teacher Brixham, Devon
Lucy kuyper Reception Teacher Suffolk
Melanie Smith Reception Teacher Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Holly Leahy Reception Teacher Warrington, Cheshire
Lara Platten Reception Teacher London
Emma Folkard Reception Teacher Hythe
Christina Bowden Reception Teacher Birmingham
Ann Willsher Reception Teacher Tiptree/Essex
Sharon martin Reception Teacher Sawbridgeworth
Alison Carter Reception Teacher Colchester, Essex
Laura Reception Teacher London
Sarah Jackson Reception Teacher Croydon
Kate Clayton Reception Teacher Kimpton/ Hertfordshire
Mrs Jodie Brett Reception Teacher Southend Essex
Emma Delaperrelle Reception Teacher Newham, London
Kirsty lean Reception Teacher Brighton
Emma Robinson Reception Teacher Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Bridget Anfiteatro Graham Reception Teacher Reading, Berkshire
Sharon Harvey Reception Teacher Salisbury, Wiltshire
Chloe Whittaker Reception Teacher Essex
Sarah Kirby Reception Teacher Norwich
Ellie Anderson Reception Teacher East Riding of Yorkshire
Lisa Jansen Reception Teacher Wigan
Airina Narbuntiene Reception Teacher London
Victoria Knee Reception Teacher Bradford on Avon Wiltshire
Jacqui Madden Reception Teacher Oldham, Manchester
Julia wright Reception Teacher Hull
Hilary Clayton Reception Teacher Burnham on sea
Laura Hinchliffe Reception Teacher Howden, East Yorkshire
Paula Hopwood Reception Teacher Durham
Allison Foster Reception Teacher Surrey
Rosemary Hedges Reception Teacher Grimsby
Sam Green Reception Teacher South East London
Jane Wilkinson Reception Teacher Slouth
Sarah Worsley Reception Teacher Merton
Jodie Carter Reception Teacher Lydney, Gloucestershire
Siobhan White Reception Teacher Solihull
Derval Loftus Reception Teacher Watford
Catherine Mallett Reception Teacher Reepham, Norfolk
Olivia Eames Reception Teacher Birmingham/West Mids
Rowena Meaton Reception Teacher Birmingham
Sue Loader Reception Teacher Ware, Hertfordshire
Jillian Johnston Reception Teacher Newton Aycliffe, Darlington
Nicola Giles Reception Teacher Brentwood Essex
Alwena Harman Reception Teacher Birmingham
Katie Partridge Reception Teacher Barnstaple, North Devon
Isobel ford Reception Teacher Chester
Laura Reception Teacher East Sussex
Karen Matthews Reception Teacher Liskeard, Cornwall
Louise Cutt Reception Teacher Nottingham
Olivia Bridge Reception Teacher Macclesfield, Cheshire
Suzanne Brailsford Reception Teacher Chipping Sodbury
Steve Bishop Reception Teacher Saltash, Cornwall
Claudia Ashton Reception Teacher Gosport, Hampshire
Helen Hunt Reception Teacher Letchworth, Hertfordshire
Emma Sims Reception Teacher Weston-super-Mare
Katherine Southall Reception Teacher Crawley
Miriam Chaudhry Reception Teacher Birmingham, West Midlands
Kelly Reception Teacher Southend
Victoria Sherress Reception Teacher Swanscombe, Kent
Sarah Holmes Reception Teacher Derby, Derbyshire
Laura Edwards Reception Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
carolyn field Reception Teacher St Albans, Hetfordshire
Vicky Peters Reception Teacher Bournemouth
Aliye Mpoko Reception Teacher London
Jessica Fish Reception Teacher London / Lancashire
Phil Faulkner Reception Teacher Southend on sea
Victoria Trout Reception Teacher Portsmouth, Hampshire
Claire Miles Reception Teacher Middlesex
Joanna West Reception Teacher Bath, Somerset
J Barker Reception Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
Emma Leyser Reception Teacher London
Sarah Parry Reception Teacher Carlisle, Cumbria
Hannah Bradbury Reception Teacher Guildford, Surrey
Deb Henderson Reception Teacher Exeter
Louise Robbins-Ferreira Reception Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
Luci Reception Teacher Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Karen Whitehouse Reception Teacher Wolverhampton
Rosie Ward Reception Teacher Gravesend, Kent
Lizzie Hart Reception Teacher Woking
Jane Kendall Reception Teacher Ripon North Yorkshire
Jane Streatfield Reception Teacher South Glos
David Yates Reception Teacher Sheffield
Kerry Reception Teacher Great Yarmouth Norfolk
Carla Gibbs Reception Teacher Walsall, West Midlands
Holly Laing Reception Teacher Epping, Essex
Jason Kew Reception Teacher Winchester
Jag Mulji Reception Teacher London
Kate Reception Teacher Weston super Mare
Laura Baillie Reception Teacher Newcastle upon Tyne
Lucy Row Reception Teacher Essex
Claire Smith Reception Teacher Brentwood, Essex
Lucy Reception Teacher Kingston upon thames
Stephanie Laing Reception Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
Michelle lake Reception Teacher Norwich norfolk
Bethany Tomlinson Reception Teacher Mansfield, Notts
Katharine King Reception Teacher Thame, Oxfordshire
Sarah McWilliam Reception Teacher Leeds West Yorkshire
Louise Everitt Reception Teacher Northampton Northamptonshire
Sindy Midha Reception Teacher Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Beth McPaul Reception Teacher Liverpool
Kathryn Adams Reception Teacher Braintree Essex
Jodi Denny Reception Teacher Braintree essex
Nicola Zendle Reception Teacher York, North Yorkhire
Elaine Macdonald Reception Teacher stockport
Julie Osborne Reception Teacher Milton Keynes
Emma R Reception Teacher Tamworth
Tracey Glover Reception Teacher Hertfordshire
Emily Glen Reception Teacher Colchester
Rachel Armstrong Reception Teacher Sunderland Tyne and Wear
Natalia Maggiore Reception Teacher GatesHead
Peter Lindley Reception Teacher Northumberland
Emily Aspin Reception Teacher Norfolk
Vicki Caplan Reception Teacher Shoeburyness Essex
Kristy Evans Reception Teacher Haverhill Suffolk
Julie Hymers Reception Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
Jan Dutton Reception Teacher Southend
Caroline Williams Reception Teacher Olney, Buckinghamshire
Nicola Dewis Reception Teacher Leicestershire
Sarah-Jane Riley Reception Teacher Leigh on Sea, Essex
T Mansfield Reception Teacher Hertfordshire
Joanne Platten Reception Teacher Takeley Essex
Charlotte statham Reception Teacher Sheffield
Molly Poulter Reception Teacher Brentwood, Essex
Emily Whitehorn Reception Teacher Market Harboroigh, Leicestershire
Katie O'Hara Reception Teacher Aston, Oxfordshire
Becks Reception Teacher Wirral
Philippa Arnold Reception Teacher Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Debbue Hall Reception Teacher Benfleet, Essex
Alicia Bloor Reception Teacher Leicestershire
Debbie Wells Reception Teacher Derbyshire
Amanda Audritt Reception Teacher Bath
Jess Edwards Reception Teacher London
Megan Barlow Reception Teacher Newbury, West Berkshire
Miss Beth Dalziel Reception Teacher Worthing
Kirsty Woods Reception Teacher Spalding, Lincolnshire
Stacey Cunningham Reception Teacher Norfolk
Lisa Lee Reception Teacher King’s Lynn Norfolk
Kelvin Simms Reception Teacher St. Austell, Cornwall
Kirsty Ellis Reception Teacher Witney, Oxfordshire
Hannah Addison Reception Teacher Suffolk
Lisa Brown Reception Teacher Australia
Anna Reception Teacher Oxford
Kirsty Allen Reception Teacher Stroud
Jo Johnston Reception Teacher Bedford
Nicola Jones Reception Teacher Sheffield
Hannah Boelrijk Reception Teacher Windsor
Lisa Clough Reception Teacher Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire
Laura Miles Reception Teacher Tooting London
Porsche Davies Reception Teacher St Helens
Tanya Reception Teacher Kesgrave suffolk
Victoria Carter Reception Teacher Surrey
Jane Roberts Reception Teacher Oxshott, Surrey
Stacey Man Reception Teacher London
Nichola Williams Reception Teacher Manchester
Sarah Shears Reception Teacher Boston, Lincolnshire
Emily Lawford Reception Teacher Claygate Surrey
C Moston Reception Teacher Chelmsford Essex
Nicky French Reception Teacher Nailsea North Somerset
Nicola Dobson Reception Teacher Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
Roz Innes Reception Teacher Newcastle
Lisa graham Reception Teacher Newcastle, Tyne and Wear
Amie Reception Teacher Farnham, Surrey
Jaime Calvert Reception Teacher Northampton
Louise James Reception Teacher Surrey
Shirley Adamthwaite Reception Teacher Orpington, Kent
Kathryn Mcnamara Reception Teacher Gloucestershire
Rachael homewood Reception Teacher Derbyshire
Rachel smith Reception Teacher South tyneside
Louise Robinson Reception Teacher Sevenoaks
Niina Jauhiainen Reception Teacher Kent
Marcie McCarthy Reception Teacher Stretford
Tara Davis Reception Teacher Netherlands, International School of The Hague
Bev Eustace Reception Teacher Seaview Isle of Wight
Emma Reception Teacher Birmingham
Michelle Williams Reception Teacher Liverpool
Lucy Bonham Reception Teacher Norwich
Leanne White Reception Teacher Kent
Louise Burgess Reception Teacher Clitheroe, lancashire
Jana Brama Reception Teacher The Hague, The Netherlands
Kate Henning Reception Teacher (International School) The Hague
Rachel Carter Reception Teacher Stockton on Tees
Georgina Muxworthy Reception Teacher , Senior Leader Frome, Somerset
Cheryl Hillyard Reception Teacher (NQT) Norwich, Norfolk
Samantha McGinley Reception Teacher (trainee) Sutton
Faith Reception Teacher / Concerned Parent St Neots , Cambs
Rebecca Allen Reception Teacher / EYFS Leader Northallerton, North Yorkshire
Emma Jordan Reception Teacher / EYFS Manager London
Karen Reception Teacher & Concerned Parent London
Julie Underhay Reception Teacher & Concerned Parent Rochester, Kent
Elena Crovetto Reception Teacher & Concerned Parent Hastings, East Sussex
Lynsey Reception Teacher & coordinator Dover, Kent
Alexia Wyer Reception Teacher & EYFS Lead Derbyshire
Victoria Heyworth Reception Teacher & SENCO Kent
Amanda Davies Reception Teacher & SLT Manchester
Ali Phillips Reception Teacher & SLT Bath, Somerset
Fiona Greenley Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent St Albans, Herts
Rachel Powell Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Matlock
Belinda Brooks Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Skelton, Cleveland
Cat McEwan Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Peterborough
Hannah Sanderson Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Greater Manchester
Katie Hart Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Stockton on Tees
Chantal Churchill Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Plymouth devon
Kathryn Morgan Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Exeter, UK
Tam Wallis Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Chippenham, Wiltshire
Natalie Scrivens Reception Teacher and Concerned Parent Nottingham, Notts
Lisa Butcher Reception Teacher and Early Years Leader Fleet, Hampshire
Emma Leach Reception Teacher and Early Years Phase Leader Hull
Karen Finn Reception Teacher and EYFS Lead Manchester
Sarah Oliver Reception Teacher and EYFS Lead Eastleigh, Hampshire
Sarah Norwood Reception Teacher and EYFS Lead Margate Kent
Rebecca savage Reception Teacher and EYFS Leader London
Louisa Mower Reception Teacher and EYFS Leader Newmarket
Rebecca Nelligan Reception Teacher and Leader Crawley, West Sussex
Fiona Ellery Reception Teacher and Leader Southampton
Angharad Lowes Reception Teacher and Parent Manchester
Aimee Fairhurst Reception Teacher and Parent Dorking, Surrey
Karen Batten Reception Teacher and parent Barkingside Ilford
Victoria Richardson Reception Teacher and parent of a Reception child Telford and wrekin
Christa Babbs Reception Teacher and phase Leader Coventry
Lisa Crowe Reception Teacher and Reception Year Leader for 6 classes Hounslow
Eloise Moore Reception Teacher and researcher Norfolk
Jane Mueray Reception Teacher and SENCo Sittingbourne Kent
Pipp Jones Reception Teacher and SLE for Derbyshire Burton on Trent
Teresa Smith Reception Teacher and very Concerned Parent Banbury, Oxfordshire
Gabrielle Anthony Reception Teacher and Year Leas, LA EYFS Moderator Bournemouth
Sole Lathrop Reception Teacher Assistant The Hague, The Netherlands
Jeanette Riches Reception Teacher EYFS Lead Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
Katie Leitzell Reception Teacher-EYFS Lead Bude, Cornwall
Suzie Strutt Reception Teacher, Concerned Parent. Braunton, Devon
Rebecca Suluga-Fagalilo Reception Teacher, Early Years Leader Darlington, Co Durham
Katie Kitching Reception Teacher, EYFS Lead Nottingham
Caroline Parkin Reception Teacher, EYFS Lead Dartford, Kent
Sharon Percy Reception Teacher, EYFS Lead, EYFS consultant/ trainer Helston/ Cornwall
Colette Rowley Reception Teacher, EYFS Leader, SENDCo Marnhull, Dorset
Debbie Reception Teacher/ Assistant Head Teacher Truro, Cornwall
Deborah Simpson McGuigan Reception Teacher/ EY Phase Leader Sunderland
Sarah Chandler Reception Teacher/ EY's Lead West Sussex
Alice Friend Reception Teacher/Concerned Parent of a 4 Year old Halesworth, Suffolk
Charlotte Baker Reception Teacher/Deputy Head Teacher Petersfield, Hampshire
Catherine Turner Reception Teacher/deputy heaf Bolton
Stacy Godfrey Reception Teacher/Early Years Lead Bradford
Ciarren Littler Reception Teacher/Early Years Manager London
Caren Esparon Reception Teacher/EYFS Lead Essex
Sheena Preston Reception Teacher/EYFS Lead Guildford
Michaela Ledsham Reception Teacher/EYFS SLE Nottinghamshire
Georgina Watts Reception Teacher/SLT Walberton, West Sussex
Ali Gibbons Reception Teacher/Vice Principal Chester/Cheshire West and Chester
Sarah Dryden Reception Teacher Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Rebecca Pratt Reception Teacher Stevenage
Jamie Sonnex Reception / Year 1 Teacher Canterbury
Daniel Murphy Reception / Year one Teacher Sheffield South Yorkshire
Christina Anastasiou Reception and KS1 Teacher North Tawton, Devon
Jessica Gallagher Reception and Nursery Teacher Warrington, North West
Sarah Rose Reception and Nursery Teacher Honiton Devon
Nikki Field Reception Class Teacher Birmingham
Anne Byron Reception Class Teacher Nr Henley on Thames, South Oxfordshire
Freja Bhreathnach Reception Class Teacher Brighton
Robert Neave Reception Class Teacher Norwich, Norfolk
Emily Spencer Reception Class Teacher, EYFS & KS1 Leader Richmond, Surrey
Tammy Smith Reception Co-ordinator Assistant Head Redditch
Sam McGovern Reception HLTA/ EYFS Nurture Group Practitioner Cambridgeshire
Zoë Clark Reception Lead Aylesbury Bucks
Jane Hanmer Reception Lead Teacher Walsall
Karen O'Connor Reception Lead Teacher Sittingbourne Kent
Maggie Barlow Reception Leader Evesham Worcs
Kate Clifton Year R and Year 1 Teacher. Early Years LA moderator Southend on Sea
Sarah Goodhand Year Leader Pre-Reception / Reception The Hague, Netherlands
Lauren Bowmer Year 1 / Reception Teacher Bradford
Zoey Reception Teacher Australia
Sarah Goodhand Reception Year Leader Den Haag, Netherlands
Kathy Cook Reception/ keystage 1 Teacher North Lincolnshire
Martine Sills Reception/KS1 Teacher and Acting Head Woodbridge Suffolk
Elzbieta Maron Reception/Y1 Teacher Hounslow
Louisa Kile Reception/Year 1 Teacher Bath
Anna Coyle Reeption Teacher and EYFS Leader York
ANDREA Fullman Nursery and Reception Teacher Hertfordshire
Joanne O’Neill Nursery and Reception Teacher North Yorkshire
Lisa Szirtes Nursery and Reception Teacher Aldenham, Hertfordshire
Vanessa Lead Reception Teacher Reading Berkshire
Catherine Wealleans Reception and Nursery Teacher Durham
Rhian Fisk EYFS Leader (Reception) Writtle, Chelmsford
Laura atkins EYFS Lead / Reception Teacher Folkestone Kent
Andrea Hayes EYFS Lead and Reception Teacher St Columb Cornwall
Christine faulkner EYFS Lead and Reception Teacher Boston uk
Katherine Turner EYFS Lead Teacher, working in Reception/Year 1 Avening
Naomi Bracewell EYFS Lead, Reception Teacher Heckmondwike, Kirklees
Frances Rooney EY Lead and Reception Teacher East Cranmore Somerset
Zoe Clark Early Years Teacher Reception class Milton Keynes
Megan Harrison Early Years Leader/Rec Teacher Derbyshire
Stacey Hynd Early Years Leader and Reception Teacher Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
Tammie Bickle Early Years Leader and Reception teacher Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and wear
Marijke Early Years Lead and Reception Teacher Windsor, Berkshire
Rachel Wolfendale Early Years Lead / Reception Teacher Bromley
Louise Dean Early Years Lead - Nursery/Reception Teacher Formby, Liverpool
Miriam Caldecott Early Years foundation Leader/Reception Teacher Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Nicola Middleton Early Years Co-ordinator/ Reception Teacher West Yorkshire
Sarah Morton Deputy Head Teacher & Reception Teacher Bedford
Maggie Badger EYFS Leader and Reception Teacher Woking
Clare Pickles EYFS Leader and Reception Teacher Alfreton, Derbyshire
Angela A Teacher London
John West-Burnham Academic Lincoln
Dr Linda Hammersley-Fletcher Academic Manchester
Dr Jools Page Academic (views are my own) Brighton
Ajitha Nayar k Academic Administration Trivandrum, Kerala , India
Dr Dave Cudworth Academic Researcher Leicester
David Whitebread Acting Director at Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning Cambridge
Laura Day Acting Early Years Leader and Reception Teacher Bexleyheath, Kent
Kayleigh Knox Activity Leader and MA student in Early Years at Bath Spa University Bath/Wiltshire
Dawn Sparrow Administrator London
Emma Booker Adviser Essex
Sandie Butcher Adviser to Nursery Folkestone Kent
Di Chilvers Advisory Consultant in Early education, author and speaker Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Penny Webb BEM Advocate for children / concerned grandparent Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Jessica Witkowska Arts/gallery education coordinator West Yorkshire
Daniella Assistant Early Years educator London
Helen Roscoe Assistant Head LoWestoft Suffolk
Gail Groom Assistant Head Bickmarsh, Warwickshire
Janis Evens Assistant Head Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Sian Assistant Head Bradford
Louise Bloomfield Assistant Head (EYFS/KS) Harrow
Melissa Prendergast Assistant Head & Nursery Teacher Haringey London
Clair Gornall Assistant Head and Reception Teacher Wigan
Lorraine Clark Assistant Head at Nursery School Cookham
Sue Tighe Assistant Head Early Years Grays Thurrock
Eleanor Edgar Assistant Head EYFS Abu Dhabi UAE
Jane Perryman Assistant Head EYFS Enfield
Rebecca Mellor Assistant Head EYFS Lead Manchester
Louise Rimes Assistant Head for EYFS and KS1 Bexley
Rhonda scott Assistant Head of Early Years London
Aaliyah Dargan Assistant Head of Infants British School of Bahrain Hamala, Bahrain
Cathy Child Assistant Head Teacher Manchester
Angie Burnett Assistant Head Teacher and EYFS team Leader Oxfordshire
Clare Wilkinson Assistant Head Teacher for EYFS Cambridge
Debbie Fletcher Assistant Head Teacher of EYFS Salford
Sarah caird Assistant Head Teacher overseeing EYFS London
Hannah Danby Assistant Head Teacher Phase 1 Leeds
Laura Assistant Head Teacher/ Reception Teacher Leicester
R McGladdery Assistant Head Teacher Oldham, Greater Manchester
Mandie Craven Assistant Head Teacher Bournemouth/Dorset
Mark Aggus Assistant Head Teacher Southend-on-Sea
Hannah Diplock Assistant Head Teacher MaidenHead
Gaynor Tigue Assistant Head Teacher and Concerned Parent Manchester
Sharifah Lee Assistant Head Teacher EYFS Berkshire
Val Thomas Assistant Head Teacher Nursery School Windsor
Janet O'Donnell Assistant Head Teacher/ Reception Teacher Manchester
Natalie Buksh Assistant Head Teacher/SENCo (Nursery School) WN6 0LA
Yamin Tulloch Assistant Principal Birmingham
Sue Tee Assistant Principal The Hague
Becky Parry Assistant Professor Sheffield
Hannah McCrimmon Assistant Vice Principal Chester
Leena Robertson Associate Professor London
Martin Large Author Stroud, Gloucestershire
Marian WhiteHead Author & Early Years Consultant Norwich, Norfolk
Sally Goddard Blythe Author and Director of the Institute for Neuro-physiological Psychology(INPP) Chester
Debbie Garvey Author: Early Childhood Leeds
Alan Gibbons Author/educational consultant Liverpool
JuneO'Sullivan CEO of London Early Years Foundation London
Neil Leitch CEO, Pre-school Learning Alliance London
Kate Helme Chair of a pre school and Concerned Parent York
Melian Mansfield Chair of ECF (Early Childhood Forum) London
Nicola Scannell Chair of Governing Body the Cookham, MaidenHead and The Lawns Nursery School Federation RBWM Bershire
Pat Triggs Chair of Governors Bristol
Chris Merrick Chair of Governors, Nursery federation Derby
Sue Cowley Chair of Preschool Committee and Education Author Bristol, Avon
Lynn Hannay Chair, National Association for Primary Education Northampton, Northamptonshire
Dr Pam Jarvis Chartered Psychologist, Reader in Childhood, Youth and Education, Grandparent Leeds, West Yorkshire
Barbara Isaacs Chief Education Officer, Montessori Centre international London
Liz Bayram Chief Exec of Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years London
Beatrice Merrick Chief Executive, Early Education Watford, Herts
Purnima Tanuku Chief Executive, National Day Nurseries Association Huddersfield
Wendy Ellyatt Chief Executive, Save Childhood Movement Cheltenham
Jane Rogers Childcare Leader and member of the School Senior Leadership team Manchester
Zara Smith Childcare Manager Lincoln
Tom Shea FRSA Childcare philosopher and Practitioner Roade, Northampton, Northamptonshire
Jacky Childcare Practitioner Liverpool
Myra cassar Childminder Richmond north Yorkshire
Debbie grieves Childminder Littlehampton West Sussex
Linda Wilson Childminder Altrincham Cheshire
Lowri Bartlett Childminder Barwell Leicestershire
C Baird Childminder Liverpool
Louisa Tickner-Jenkins Childminder Bristol
Dawn Kautzner Childminder Worcestershire
Kelly Hughes Childminder Dursley/ Gloucestershire
Cyrina laird Childminder Trowbridge
Clare Pedersen Childminder Norwich, Norfolk
Jo Childminder Suffolk
Fay Parker Childminder, primary school parentgovernor and Concerned Parent Preston
Dan Shave Childminder/Concerned Parent Poole
Michael Rosen Children's Author London
Julia Tanner children's counsellor
Nikki Stroud Children’s Centre Manager Hereford, Herefordshire
Martina Street Children’s Centre Manager & EdD. candidate Manchester
Susan Toman Children’s centre staff Gillingham Kent
Louisa Wegoezewski Children"s Centre Teacher Leeds
Laura McWilliam Class Teacher in FS2 Spalding Lincs.
Dr Lee Hutton Clinical Neuropsychologist and parent GatesHead
Erica Clayton Clinical psychologist & parent Leeds
Kirsty Co cerned parent and Nursery Practitioner Goxhill North Lincolnshire
marjun haraldsen Concerened parent Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
Bjorn Bloomquist Concerned Brother
Julia Lowndes Concerned citizen Birmingham
Christine Hay concerned citizen Birmingham
Jessica Fenn Samuelsen Concerned citizen London
Sandra Presland Concerned EYP Reading
Ole Rudd Concerned god-parent Bristol, Avon
C Sholem Concerned Grandma Westcliff on Sea
Lynda McAnuff Concerned grandmother and concerned member of society London
Michael Ephgrave Concerned grandparent Benington, Hertfordshire
Nigel Gibbs Concerned grandparent Kingston upon thames
Juliette Sharp Concerned Grandparent Wells
Jill Tina Taplin Concerned grandparent and international Steiner Early Childhood consultant, adult educator and author Brown Edge, Staffordshire
Rosemary Lewis Concerned Grandparent and retired Early Years Teacher Northampton, Northamptonshire
Amy Concerned human! Essex
Lauren Parkin Concerned key stage 1 Teacher Norwich Norfolk
Danyelle Tovey Concerned Parant Reading
Diane Shore Concerned Parent Great Yeldham, Essex
Hayley Spencer Concerned Parent Chesterfield Derbyshire
Peter Greenley Concerned Parent St Albans, Herts
Xenia Lenart Concerned Parent Hamilton
Lynsey nichol Concerned Parent North tyneside
Ashley Rowley Concerned Parent Gillingham, dorset
Shin Concerned Parent Lincs
Sian Musgreave-Spiby Concerned Parent Solihull
Maria Szadura Concerned Parent Shepton Mallet
Jaclyn Morton Concerned Parent Durham
Pam farmer Concerned Parent Poole/Dorset
Nicola Williams Concerned Parent Crewe
Claire Tillyer Concerned Parent Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire
Nazia Farookhi-Bailey Concerned Parent Croydon
Neil Bailey Concerned Parent Croydon
Mohammed Ali Concerned Parent Leeds
Isabel Swift Concerned Parent Leeds
Pam farmer Concerned Parent Poole/Dorset
Louise Baker Concerned Parent Cholsey, Oxfordshire
Andrew Maguire Concerned Parent Stockport
Dorcas Kibby Concerned Parent Tunbridge Wells
Heike Golightly Concerned Parent Brighton and Hove
Teresa Hunter Concerned Parent London
Huw Solly Concerned Parent Bath
Vicky Hamlet Concerned Parent Brandesburton
R Harrigan Concerned Parent Worcs
R Harrigan Concerned Parent Worcs
R Harrigan Concerned Parent Worcs
Hannah Bolton Concerned Parent Berkhamsted Herts
Rachel Hinsbey Concerned Parent Colchester, Essex
jane stead Concerned Parent Forest Row, East Sussex
MR WILLIAM MACKENZIE Concerned Parent London, UK
Charlotte Clarke Concerned Parent Hove
Rebecca Coulthard Concerned Parent London
Liz Hargreaves Concerned Parent Leeds
Amanda Fearnley Concerned Parent Leeds West Yorkshire
Ella Pattinson Concerned Parent Leeds
Matthew Gorman Concerned Parent Leeds
Tracy Parlour Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Sarah Perchard Concerned Parent Caversham, Berkshire
C Russell Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Simone Hookey Concerned Parent Caversham
Stacey Dunne Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Bethan Pine Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Karen Thompson Concerned Parent Reading
Marie Monaghan Concerned Parent Caversham, reading, Berkshire
Richard Pryn Concerned Parent Reading Berkshire
Perry Walker Concerned Parent Reading
Iain McConnachie Concerned Parent Twickenham Middlesex
Karen Shrestha Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Catherine MacLeod Concerned Parent Reading
Kayleigh Quirk Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Luke Quirk Concerned Parent Reading
Amelia Concerned Parent
Emmer green
Anne Taylor Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Tara Windsor Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Latasha Concerned Parent Reading
Sophie Bennett Concerned Parent Reading
Andrew Taylor Concerned Parent Reading, Berkshire
Ella Watkins Concerned Parent Northumberland
Felicity Concerned Parent Reading Berkshire
J Avery Concerned Parent London
Joanne Gallagher Concerned Parent Reading
Victoria Concerned Parent Reading
Viv Mudie Concerned Parent /school governor Brighton
James Barrett Concerned Parent & Nursery Director London, UK
Jaclyn Murray Concerned Parent and Early Years researcher Winchester, Hampshire
Lara Concerned Parent and ex Teacher London
Helen Goodwin Concerned Parent and Health Visitor. Chesterfield
Tara Hollis Concerned Parent and preschool deputy Manager Tring
Joanne Palmer Concerned Parent and researcher Kettering, Northamptonshire
Helen Arthur Concerned Parent and School governor Abergavenny, Wales
Kathryn Clarke Concerned Parent and Senior Lecturer in Primary Education Little Neston, Cheshire
Jenny Hedley Concerned Parent and Teacher Southport
Sarah Concerned Parent and Teacher Thurlton, Norfolk
Emma Concerned Parent and Teacher Bournemouth
Elisabeth Sacchi Concerned Parent and Teacher Caversham, Berkshire
Sarah Halliwell Concerned Parent and Year 3 Teacher Bedfordshire
Kelly Colea Concerned Parent, Education Studies undergraduate, former Nursery Nurse Leeds
Sarah Smith Concerned Parent, Midwife, Sling Consultant London
Lisa Concerned Parent/ Early Years Practitioner Trowbridge Wiltshire
Sam Smith Concerned Parent Grimsby
Ralph Solly Concerned uncle London
Ralph Solly Concerned uncle Brixton
Pete Moorhouse Consultant Bristol
Mervyn Benford Consultant Banbury Oxfordshire
Jan Harrison Consultant Crewe, Cheshire
Karen Wilding Consultant and ex-Practitioner Shropshire
Maggie Fisher Consultant Health Visitor Winchester Hampshire
Annie Davy Consultant Teacher/Head Teacher/coach Oxford
Jonathan parker Cp Leeds
Professor Heather Piper Currently honorary fellow Edinburgh Retired education professor from MMU, currently honourry Fellow Edinburgh Bath
Bridget Barker Currently Supply Ta Manchester
Alanna Bartram Deputy Head Chester
Suzanne Cooper Deputy Head Saltash Cornwall
Victoria Symons Deputy Head Wooler, Northumberland
dimitrios kontozisis deputy Head london
Catherine Tasker Deputy Head Burnley
Joanne Thomas Deputy Head / SENCo Salford
Mariannne McDonnell Deputy Head & Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) for Early Years LeatherHead, Surrey
Nichola Irwin Deputy Head and Early Years improvement Lead Nottingham
Nicola Critoph Deputy Head and Foundation Leader Leigh on Sea Essex
Becky Powell Deputy Head and SENCO of a Nursery school London
Claire tomes Deputy Head private Nursery Wandsworth, london
Sarah Lee Deputy Head Teacher London
Nicola Turner Deputy Head Teacher London
Sarah Deputy Head Teacher Birmingham
Gill Crowley Deputy Head Teacher London
Sara Thomas Deputy Head Teacher Rochdale
Jane Bickley Deputy Head/Former EYFS advisor London
Carmen Franklin Deputy Head Teacher Swindon Wiltshire.
Elizabeth Hunter Deputy Head Teacher London
James Dickson Deputy Head Teacher Essex
Sarah Mardell Deputy Head Teacher Norwich
Polly Shields Deputy Head Teacher London
Andrew Carless Deputy Head Teacher Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Mrs Carmen Hopkins Deputy Head Teacher Benfleet, Essex
Donna Crawford Deputy Head Teacher Manchester
Gemma Kent Deputy Head Teacher London
Claire McEvoy Deputy Heaf Kingston, Surrey
Claire McEvoy Deputy Heaf Kingston, Surrey
Helen Fleet Deputy Manager Manchester
Helen Fleet Deputy Manager Manchester
Tanya Sunman Deputy Manager (private Nursery) Grimsby
Amanda Heiss Deputy Manager Nursery Carlisle, Cumbria
Natalie Mclellan Deputy Manager, Preschool Bristol
Fiona Taylor Deputy Nursery Manager Leeds West Yorkshire
Helen Walker DHT/EY Lead Durham
Kieran McCarthy Director of children's charity Bath
Sophie Brookes Director of Early Years Shenzhen China
Julia Collar Director of multi-sensory theatre company specialising in the neuroscience of Early Years children Toddington, Bedfordshire
Shirley Director of studies (3-18 school) Reading, Berkshire
Julia Gillen Director, Lancaster Literacy Research Centre, Lancaster University Lancaster, Lancashire
Stephanie Harding E Y Consultant Norwich
Elvira Walsh E.C.E Teacher. Trainer and Assessor. Frankston, Australia
Jacqueline Jones EAL Reception Teacher London
Heather Bernt Early Care and Education Consultant Indiana, USA
Dr Andrew Lockett Early Childhood Consultant United Kingdom
Tess Brooks Early childhood consultant Melbourne, Australia
Nicola Burke Early Childhood Consultant/Trainer/Researcher Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Simone Early childhood Teacher Sydney, Australia
Dianne O'Dwyer Early childhood Teacher Torquay Australia
Danielle Early Childhood Teacher Hornsea, East Yorkshire
Brigitte Mitchell Early Childhood Teacher (Nursery) Sydney, NSW Australia
Lee Gane Early Childhood Teacher and ECW Director Australia
Terrie Simpson Early Education Advisor Tentrden, Kent
Susan Sobti Early Years Leader Hanwell London
Helen Rutherford Early Year Consultant Lincolnshire
Marjory Woolstencroft Early Year Teacher Manchester
Julie Fisher Early Years Adviser
Lucy Waterman Early Years Advisor Melksham Wiltshire
Sarah Blundell Early Years Advisor Felixstowe, Suffolk
Helen Irving Early Years Advisor Woking, UK
Joan Rose Early Years advisor York
Gareth Betts-Davies Early Years Advisor Suffolk
Jima Fotopoulou Early Years Advisor Harlow, Essex
Melanie Widnall Early Years advisor and trainer London
Bridget Collinge Early Years Advisory SEN Teacher Bacup Lancashire
Jane evans Early Years Advisory Teacher Wallingford England
Heather Nedzynski Early Years and primary Teacher with 19 Years experience with the under 5s / Concerned Parent. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Silvia Murray Early Years Assessor London
Callam Sesniak BA Early Years Assistant Southend On Sea
Megan Richeux Early Years Assistant London
C Hamilton Early Years Behaviour Support St Albans, Herts
Juliette Elwick Early Years Co-ordinator (in Primary School with Nursery & Reception Classes)
Little Plumstead
Catherine whitaker Early Years consultant Leeds West yorkshire
Helen Moylett Early Years consultant Stafford Staffordshire
Nancy Stewart Early Years consultant Market Drayton, Shropshire
Kathryn Stinton Early Years Consultant Worcester
Sue Westmore Early Years consultant Southend-on-Sea
Deborah Atherton Early Years Consultant Blackpool
Alison Early Years Consultant Hassocks, West Sussex
Sue Rogers Early Years Consultant London
Sharon Murray Early Years consultant Sittingbourne
Trisha Lee Early Years Consultant and Storyteller Corsham, Wiltshire
Helen Banks Early Years Consultant and Trainer Norwich
Tracie Fryer-Kanssen Early Years consultant, Lecturer and Manager London
Tracie Fryer-Kanssen Early Years consultant, Lecturer and Manager London
Cara Shore Early Years coordinator Halstead, Essex
Sheila Handy Early Years Coordinator Redditch, worcs
Melanie Yates-Boothby Early Years Coordinator Hednesford, Staffordshire
Catherine Coleman Early Years Coordinator Shropshire
Thelma Miller Early Years Education Consultant London
Katharine Robb Early Years Education degree student Shoeburyness, Essex
Helen Spooner Early Years Educational Consultant Melbourne, Australia
Kassie Collette Early Years educator Welling
Mia Hancock Early Years Educator Level 3 East Woodhay Hampshire
Sam Willis Early Years Head Teacher Bermuda 
Robert fox Early Years higher teaching Assistant Cambridge
MRS JACKIE FISHER Early Years Highet level teaching Assistant (HLTA ) Diss Norfolk
Donna Hodgson Early Years improvement officer Derbyshire
Lyndsey McCallion Early Years Lead Chester, Cheshire
Melanie White Early Years Lead Manchester
Sarah Anderson Early Years Lead Slough
Kathryn Fagan Early Years Lead Manchester
Keeley Bowell Early Years Lead Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Chris Dingley Early Years Lead Birmingham
Chris Dingley Early Years Lead Birmingham
Alison Sly Early Years Lead Coventry
Laura Nash Early Years Lead Barnsley South Yorkshire
Ruth Richards Early Years Lead Enfield
Nicky Quinn Early Years Lead Borrowash, Derbyshire
Jessica Early Years Lead and Assistant Head Teacher London
Fiona Gregory-Wood Early Years Lead and Nursery Teacher Downham Market, Norfolk
Beverley Bravey Early Years Lead Teacher Durham
Katy Lightfoot Early Years Lead Teacher Shanklin Isle of Wight
Sally Mitchell Early Years Lead, Infant and Nursery School Nottingham
Louise Sheldon Early Years Leader Stafford, Staffordshire
Joanna Surynt Early Years Leader Northampton
Georgie Rae Brown Early Years Leader Northampton
Michelle Grannell Early Years Leader Birmingham, West Midlands
Helen MacGregor Early Years Leader Liverpool
Kate James Early Years Leader London
Milly Cooper Early Years Leader Brighton
Charlotte McClymont Early Years Leader Maidstone, Kent
Terence Sullivan Early Years Leader Barnet, Herts
Lauren Pell Early Years Leader Essex
Emma Pickering Early Years Leader Budapest Hungary
Laura Day Early Years Leader & LFSP Winchester
Debbie Pigott Early Years Leader, Lower School Sandy, Bedfordshire
Ruth Hearn Early Years learning and development Manager London
Helen Ferguson Early Years Lecturer Partridge Green. West Sussex
Litza Smith Early Years Manager Southend-on-Sea
Nikki Smith Early Years Manager Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire
Úna Coello Early Years music Teacher Kingston upon Thames
Helen Tan Early Years Officer Hull
Patricia Dovey Early Years PGCE Tutor, Nursery School Governor, Birmingham
Sarah Hayes Early Years Phase Leader Ashford Kent
Ruth sheldon Early Years Practitioner Chesterfield
Lindsey Hink Early Years Practitioner Neston. Cheshire
Leanne Early Years Practitioner Ramsgate, kent
Lisa McAllin Early Years Practitioner Blackpool
barbara mcausland Early Years Practitioner London
Sian Reid Early Years Practitioner Leicester, Leicestershire
Parari Kharbuli Early Years Practitioner Ilford, Essex
Komal Early Years Practitioner West Midlands
Zoe Allenby Early Years Practitioner Lincolnshire
Leanne Early Years Practitioner Bristol Avon
Michelle Dodds Early Years Practitioner Northamptonshire
Louise Marshall Early Years Practitioner Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Pauline McArthur Early Years Practitioner London
Claire Taylor Early Years Practitioner London
Tracey Connor Early Years Practitioner Mansfield in Nottinghamshire
Rebecca featherstone Early Years Practitioner Kirton lindsey, North Lincolnshire
Bryony Durnell Early Years Practitioner Shepton mallet Somerset
Isla hill Early Years Practitioner Tunbridge Wells, kent
Gemma o’brien Early Years Practitioner and Concerned Parent Norfolk
Emily Haskins Early Years Practitioner level 6 Leeds
Marian Sparrow Early Years Practitioner/Manager Hertfordshire
Nicola Stone Early Years Practitioner/Senco, Forest School Leader. Woking
John Willoughby Early Years Practitioner/Trainer Camborne, Cornwall
Estelle Noblett Early Years Professional Preston, Lancashire
Gillian Fawcett Early Years Professional Exeter, Devon
Andrea Powe Early Years Professional Bideford, Devon
Julie Kent Early Years professional Aldbourne , Marlborough, Wiltshire
Juliette Freeman Early Years professional and very Concerned Parent Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Kim Gill Early Years professional Reception class Norwich norfolk
Dr Philip Hood Early Years researcher ‘ associate professor emeritus Morpeth, Northumberland
Tricia Johnson Early Years researcher, trainer and retired senior Lecturer Newbury, Berkshire
Charlotte Harris Early Years Senior Teacher Southend, Essex
Lucy Cox Early Years Special Needs Teacher London
Anne Nelson Early Years specialist Oxford
Victoria Hamlet Early Years Standards & Improvement Officer Hull
Alison Scott Early Years Standards and Imrovement Officer Beverley, East Yorkshire
Tracey Pearce Early Years Support Worker Oxford
Vickie elliott Early Years Teacher Newcastle upon tyne
Sarah waldram Early Years Teacher Nottingham
Joanna Smith Early Years Teacher York
Heidi Vaughan Early Years Teacher Ottery St Mary, Devon
Jenni Early Years Teacher Cornwall
Caroline Roarty Early Years Teacher Middlezoy, Somerset
Lorraine Flannery Early Years Teacher London
Natalie Jensen Early Years Teacher Gatley, Cheshire
Rachel english Early Years Teacher LoWestoft Suffolk
Laura Clayton Early Years Teacher Portsmouth
Deborah Gamble Early Years Teacher London
Laura Wickens Early Years Teacher Welling
Liz lunn Early Years Teacher London
Laurie Bevan-Jackson Early Years Teacher Leeds
Susan Searson Early Years Teacher Rotherham
Niki Jordan Early Years Teacher Windsor, RBWM
Kristina Tobutt Early Years Teacher Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Marie Lewis Early Years Teacher Salisbury
Cath Wood Early Years Teacher Melbourne, Australia
Helen Beeney Early Years Teacher (Nursery and Reception) and extremely Concerned Parent London
Jude Harrison Early Years Teacher (Reception) Bolton
Deborah Walkling Early Years Teacher (since 1984) Hythe, Kent
Heather Shann Early Years Teacher & Head of Lower School Lewes, East Sussex
Jane Hitchcock Early Years Teacher & Pre-School Deputy Manager Silsden, West Yorkshire
Judith Elderkin Early Years Teacher and Education/ Children Services Scrutiny Member Salford
Marjory Woolstencroft Early Years Teacher status tutor and Practitioner Manchester
Menna Godfrey Early Years Teacher, playgroup Owner, researcher York
Jean Webb Early Years Teacher/ specialist Sheffield
Lisa Taylor Early Years Teacher/Nursery Manager Dursley, Gloucestershire
Charlotte Sturdivant Early Years Teacher/phase Leader Newbury
Jenni Summers Early Years Teacher/SENco Knaresborough UK
Kelly lawrence Early Years teaching Assistant Enfield
suad chentoufi Early Years teaching Assistant London
Greater London
Emma Early Years Teaching Assistant Southampton Hampshire
Loesje Macrory Early Years Team Leader London
Helen Benson Early Years team Leader and class Teacher Fareham, Hampshire
Joan Norris Early Years trainer UK
Laura Henry Early Years trainer, writer and consultant London
Felicity Thomas Early Years training consultant and Froebel travelling tutor. Norfolk
Nicola Durrant Early Years/KS1 Leader Kent
john coe Editor, Primary First Chalgrove, Oxfordshire
Rachel Higginson Education Consultant UK
Juliet Robertson Education Consultant Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Jan White Education consultant Sheffield
Nicky Spencer-Hutchings Education consultant and adopted parent Bristol
Jacqueline Harris Education Consultant and Concerned Parent London
Nigel Gann Education consultant and school governor Lichfield, Staffordshire
Terry Wrigley Education researcher Northumbria University, Newcastle
Charlotte Davies Education Researcher Croydon
Lyndsay Duffy Educational Leader 0-3s Melbourne, Australia
Katie Power Educational Psychologist Rochdale
Ruth Fergusson Educational Psychologist Bristol
Nadia Edmond Educationalist Brighton, UK
Claire Read Educationalist London, UK
Professor Lord Winston Educationalist London
John Yandell educator/researcher London, UK
Rob Ellis Elearning specialist Ryde, Isle of Wight
Colin Richards Emeritus Professor and Former HMI Spark Bridge, Cumbria
Vivienne Griffiths Emeritus Professor of Education Canterbury, UK
Michael Fielding Emeritus Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University College London London
Roger Murphy Emeritus Professor of Education, Nottingham University Oxford. Oxfordshire.
Professor Sally Tomlinson Emeritus Professor of Educational Policy Broadway Worcestershire
Professor Simon Catling Emeritus Professor of Primary Education Wheatley, Oxfordshire
Mark George ESOL Teacher Leeds. West Yorkshire
Melanie Pearce Ex Early Years TA, Foster Carer & parent
Emma Padian Ex EYFS advisor, now childminder Bedford, Bedfordshire
Susan hopkins Ex Nursery Nurse Reading
Debra Bridge Ex Nursery Practitioner UK
Justine Marriott Ex Reception Teacher (now run own childcare setting) Weymouth, Dorset
Alison Howarth ex-Teacher Reading
Kirsty Anatola Executive Deputy Head with responsibility for EYFS Norwich, Norfolk
Angela Thorogood EY Coordinator Whitstable, Kent
Julie Mountain EY landscape designer Alresford, Hampshire
Hazel Talbot EY Leader Lincoln
Liz Carlier EY Support Advisor Clevedon, North Somerset
Jasmine Richards EY Teacher Birmingham
Jane Stevens EY Teacher Newbrough, Northumberland
Samantha Greshoff EY Teacher Canterbury, Kent
Sharon Skade EY training officer Manchester
Tiffany Gordon EYFS Adviser Lewisham
Victoria Hill EYFS and KS1 Leader Worthing West Sussex
Angela Bates EYFS and KS1 Leader/ Nursery Teacher Epsom, 
Mandy Powell EYFS Assistant Head Stevenage
Jeanette kershaw EYFS co_ordinator Beccles
Rachael Ball EYFS co-ordinator London
Caron Harrison EYFS Coordinator London
Kirsty Harrison EYFS coordinator Heanor
Richard Holt EYFS Coordinator (2-5yrs) - Reception Teacher Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Julie walmsley EYFS HLTA Greater Manchester
Sarah Haigh EYFS Lead Leeds
Daniel Saturley EYFS Lead Carterton
Alice Baker EYFS Lead Cambridgeshire
Lauren Britton EYFS Lead Essex
Caroline Taylor-Garrett EYFS Lead Durham
Emma EYFS Lead Sunderland Tyne & Wear
Melanie EYFS Lead Manchester/ rochdale/
Nicola Barrett EYFS Lead Benfleet, Essex
Melanie EYFS Lead Rochdale/ Manchester
Hannah Atkinson EYFS Lead County Durham
Lynsey Blake EYFS Lead Manchester
Nicola Horabin EYFS Lead Blackpool
Rachel Kett EYFS Lead Wisbech Cambridgeshire
Clare Quinn EYFS Lead & Nursery Teacher London
Hayley Simmons EYFS Lead and Teacher Surrey
Siobhan Curtis EYFS Lead Teacher London
Rebecca Lax EYFS Lead, Concerned Parent London
Hannah Jackson EYFS Lead, Concerned Parent and Nursery Teacher. Harrogate
Anna Swift EYFS Lead/Class Teacher Bath
Lenka Pearson EYFS Leader London
Claire EYFS Leader Erith Kent
G Fautley EYFS Leader Medway
sharron EYFS Leader Chatham UK
Rebecca Day EYFS Leader Orpington
Hannah francis EYFS Leader Birmingham
Anita Andrews EYFS Leader Colchester, Essex
Kim Butterworth EYFS Leader Leeds
Jill Hutton EYFS Leader GatesHead
Emma Birmingham EYFS Leader Wirral
Louise Whitfield EYFS Leader Durham
Sharon Dade EYFS Leader Bury St Edmunds
Faye Eyton-Jones EYFS Leader Ipswich
Kirstie Viner EYFS Leader Barnet
Lucy Lamb EYFS Leader Clacton
Karen Lister EYFS Leader Leigh-on-sea, Essex
Lauren bowe EYFS Leader Durham
Elizabeth Stanley-Davies EYFS Leader London
Alice Baker EYFS Leader Cambridgeshire
Sarah Harwood EYFS Leader Richmond
Megan King EYFS Leader Bangkok, Thailand
Victoria Morris EYFS Leader Ipswich
Clare Riley EYFS Leader Sunderland
Natasha EYFS Leader Stoke-on-Trent
Gillian Pykett EYFS Leader / Teacher Nottinghamshire
Beth Slater EYFS Leader and Teacher Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire
Anna Cromby EYFS Leader in 3 form entry infant school Upton, Wirral
Sarah McIntyre EYFS Leader in primary school Manchester
Justine Taylor EYFS Manager Chipping Norton Oxfordshire
Nathan Price EYFS Phase Leader Birmingham, West Midlands
Anthony Rennie EYFS Phase Leader/Reception Class Teacher Charlton, London
Georgina Jones EYFS Practitioner Northampton
Mrs Georgina Jones EYFS Practitioner Northampton Northamptonshire
Tatiana Ledesma EYFS Student Teacher London
Martha Hunter EYFS TA Durham
Alanah Maw EYFS Teacher Kent
Alanah Maw EYFS Teacher Kent
Joanne collinge EYFS Teacher Clitheroe, lancashire
T Lock EYFS Teacher Burford, Oxfordshire
Sara franklin EYFS Teacher Coventry
Rioghnach Devine EYFS Teacher Doha, Qatar (British School)
Samantha Butterwick EYFS Teacher Corby
Vicky Hamlet EYFS Teacher East Yorkshire
Shepy Begum EYFS Teacher London - Southwark
Emma Fabian EYFS Teacher Manchester
Chantal Reardon EYFS Teacher Dartford, Kent
Rachel Seddon EYFS Teacher in a Primary School Greater Manchester
Sarah Self EYFS Teacher. (Currently not working) Ipswich
Lydia Coss EYFS Teacher/Leader Bromley, Kent
Nichola Fraine EYFS Teaching Assistant Manchester
Lucy Hamilton EYFS Team Leader St Ives, Cambridgeshire
Amanda barnes EYFS/ Year 1 Teacher Buntingford, Herts
Emma Coulson EYFS/KS1 Lead Sheffield
Helen Lovejoy EYFS/KS1 Leader (Year 1 Teacher) SLT Bristol
Helen Haslam EYFS/KS1 Teacher Milnthorpe, Cumbria
Hannah James EYFS/Year 1 Teacher Southend, Essex
Deborah Fielden EYITT Lecturer
Wheaton Aston
Stacey McLeod EYP Tameside
Shelley James EYPP team Leader - Nursery Camborne Cornwall
Jackie Noakes EYPS, Preschool Owner/ Manager Potton, Central Beds
Denise South EYsConsultant London
Madeleine Groundwater EYT Ripon, North Yorkshire
Catherine Drury EYTS currently working as a TA in a Reception class and Year one class Leicester
Caroline Fox Forest School Pre-school Manager Eastleigh, Hampshire
Anna Rowlinson Forest School Teacher and parent London Lewisham
Sarah Costa Former Reception Teacher Inverness
Simon Boxley Former Reception Teacher Winchester, Hampshire
Helen Wilson Former Reception Teacher and current Year 1 Teacher Wing, Buckinghamshire
Jude Foster Carer London
Kathryn Turner Foundation 2 Leader and Teacher Nottingham
Vicki Foundation Lead Solihull
Kirsty Griffiths Foundation Lead Teacher Retford, Nottinghamshire
Charlotte Garforth Foundation Stage 1 Teacher Nottingham
Catherine Batt Foundation Stage Lead Greenwich, London
Victoria Hutchinson Foundation Stage Lead Manchester
Zoe Singh Foundation Stage Lead Sheffield
Karen proud Foundation stage Lead Teacher Barnsley
Melanie Hall Foundation Stage Leader Hertfordshire
Jill Goodhand Foundation stage Leader Sheffield
Angela Hutchinson Foundation Stage Leader Hull, East Yorkshire
Clare Hardie Foundation Stage Leader and Reception Class Teacher Sutton Surrey
Sally Lynch Foundation Stage Manager Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
Diane Wilkinson-Best Foundation Stage Teacher Blyth, Northumberland
Kathryn Pelling Foundation Stage Teacher Wokingham Berkshire
Lynsey elms Foundation stage Teacher Mansfield, notts
Jane-Marie Stock Foundation stage Teacher Newbury, Berkshire
Carol Mumby Foundation stage Teacher (3-5Years) recently retired, very concerned newly appointed grannie. Grimsby
Mrs L Stanton Foundation stage Teacher/ EYFS Lead Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Lynne Houghton Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant Northamptonshire
Claire Chapman Founder of Brilliant Play Solutions CiC Richmond upon Thames
Suzanna Law Founder of Pop-Up Adventure Play Manchester
Jennifer Clarke Freelance EY writer - ex Teacher and EY County team member Dorset
Debra Thwaites FS coordinator & Rec Teacher Northampton
Jane Little FS Lead Chelmsford
Maeve Birdsall FS Leader Leeds
Michelle Boyd FS1 Teacher MOD school Cyprus
Laura Hankinson FS1 Teacher Manchester
Lisa FS2 Teacher Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Amy Larker FS2 Teacher and FS Lead Sheffield
Mark Stevenson Futurist and Author London
David Reedy General Secretary United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) London
Mrs T D Horler Geography consultant Leicestershire
Nick Edwards Governnor London
Agnes Javor Governor Bath
Keith Hill Governor London
Svenja Feix Governor & Concerned Parent London
Katharine MacKenzie Governor, parent Charlton, London
Allison Allen Governor, Teacher and educator Croydon, Surrey
I Bunting Grandparent Lancashire
Sue medley Grandparent Reading
Jo Fenton Head Manchester
Debbie Keary Head of Chidren's Centres Manchester
Teresa Rapley Head of Early Years Battle, East Sussex
Allison Rainey Head of Early Years Teddington, Middlesex
Julia Head Of Early Years Thailand
Jennifer Omielan Head of Early Years & Reception Teacher Lancashire
absolutely agree Head of Initial Teacher Education Chester
Nicola Mould Head of Pre Prep Guildford , Surrey
Alison Lyford Head of Reception Pattaya, Thailand
Philippa Baker Head of School and SENCo Peckham in London
Patricia Lord Head Teacher Skipton, North Yorkshire
Amy Stancer Head Teacher Lincolnshire
Julie Wright Head Teacher Leicestershire
Hillary Hinchliff Head Teacher Blackburn, Lancashire
Zelda Astley Head Teacher Helston Cornwall
Ms Helen Carpenter Head Teacher Otley, West Yorkshire
Lisa Bedlow Head Teacher Reading
Rebecca Shelley Head Teacher Croydon
Susan Conron Head Teacher Lancashire
Duncan Bathgate Head Teacher Little Bealings, Suffolk
Amanda King Head Teacher. NLE, Teaching School Lead and qualified section 5 inspector Coventry West Midlands
Julie white Head Teacher Basildon
Michelle Homer Head Teacher Rainham
Sarah Harrison Head Teacher Greenwich, London
Lee Ryman Head Teacher Cholsey OXON
Sharon curtis Head Teacher Sheffield
Kate Head Teacher Sheffield, south Yorkshire
Ruth Mercer Head Teacher Leytonstone
Helen McHale Head Teacher MaidenHead
Jonathan Coy Head Teacher Norfolk
Natalie Wilson Head Teacher Oxford
Helen castell Head Teacher Chelmsford Essex
Jo Wilson Head Teacher Dorking
Cathy Hughes Head Teacher Wirral
D Clark Head Teacher Cambridge Nursery School
Simone O'Connor Head Teacher Nelson, Lancashire
Amanda Brown Head Teacher Widnes, Cheshire
Colette Bentley Head Teacher Liverpool
Kay Burke Head Teacher Lancashire
Emyr Fairburn Head Teacher London
Vivienne Simpson Head Teacher Retired Reading Berkshire
Victoria HLTA Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Mel Gillingham HLTA Bournemouth
Clare HLTA Manchester
Debbie Clancy HLTA Lancashire
Susanne Lloyd HLTA Foundation Stage Sheffield
Natalie Sutherby HLTA in Reception Chelmsford, Essex
David Houghton Husband of Foundation Stage worker. Northamptonshire
Alison Camfield ICAN Early Years Practitioner Greenwich, London
Anni McTavish Independent Consultant London
Debi Keyte-Hartland Independent Education Consultant Tipton, West Midlands
Helen Lambourne Infant Teacher and parent Reading
Sarah Bate Interim Nursery Head Grimsby
David Barker ITE Practitioner Skelmersdale Lancashire
Anthony Mirams ITT Lecturer London
Dr Mary Bousted joint general secretary, National Education Union London
Kevin Courtney joint general secretary, National Education Union London
Sarah Goldsworthy Key Stage 1 & Foundation Stage Leader and worried parent Banbury, Oxfordshire
Stephanie Towse Kindergarten Teacher Australia
Lisa Smith KS1 Lead Gloucestershire
Helen Hale KS1 Teacher & former Early Years Practitioner Wirral
Zoe Bill KS1 Teacher and Concerned Parent Portsmouth, Hampshire
Helen Gillespie LA advisor Ashtead, Surrey
Sue Furber LA Early Years support Matlock, Derbyshire
katy race LA EYFS consultant Sefton
Margaret Gun LA School Readiness Advisor Salford, Greater Manchester
Dawn Harris Lead Early Years Teacher Derbyshire
C Hankin Lead EYFS Teacher Wirral
Marion Samuel Lead Practitioner Enfield Middlesex
Beth Croft Lead Practitioner Wirral
Ines Topps Lead Teacher Nursery Gosport, Hampshire
Sherry Landa Learning Advocate (Children Looked After) Slough/Berks.
Elizabeth Jarman Learning Environments Consultant Bethersden, Kent, UK
Sally Pearse Lecturer Sheffield
Veronica Poku Lecturer London
Dr Sheryl Clark Lecturer London
Damian Maher Lecturer Ultimo/Australia
Amanda Lecturer Dorset
Kate Richardson Lecturer Leeds
Gaynor Nelder Lecturer and concerned grandparent Chester
Jane Read Lecturer and researcher London, UK
Vicki Ryf Lecturer in education London
Tony PICKFORD Lecturer in Education Ellesmere Port
Sean Doyle Lecturer in Education UCL Institute of Education
Paul HOPKINS Lecturer in Primary Education Kingston-upon-Hull
David Corry-Bass Lecturer of Early Years Leicester
Jacqui Gibbs Link Tutor for primary education trainee Teachers; ex Early Years Teacher, grandparent to 3 under fives. Kingston upon Thames, surrey
Lucy Taylor Literacy researcher Leeds, West Yorkshire
Sue Palmer Literacy specialist, author of 'Toxic Childhood' and Chair of Upstart Scotland Edinburgh, Midlothian
Deborah Wood Local Council Early Years Advisor Reading
Elizabeth Weston LSA and Concerned Parent Chester, Cheshire
Jan Holmes Maintained Nursery School Head Teacher Nelson, Lancashire
Ladonia roberts Manager pre school Rotherham
Antje Dragoni Managing Director - Pre-School London
Caroline Lucas MP Member of Parliament Brighton
Thelma Walker MP Member of the Education Select Committee, MP for Colne Valley constituency Colne Valley
Louise Godding Mother Crickhowell
Helen Harland Mother to child starting school in 2018 Reading
Kirsty Sullivan Museum education Manager London
Ali Steynor Music Teacher Haywards Heath, Sussex
Sara Brackenridge Nanny Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Barbara Cavanagh Nursery Assistant Lewisham, London
Faye O'Neill Nursery deputy Manager Preston, Lancashire
Jenny Weidner Nursery Director Hockley, Essex
Leanna Barrett Nursery director & Concerned Parent London, UK
Gill Nursery Head Portsmouth
Laura Brodie Nursery Head Teacher NLE Birmingham
Amy Nursery Head Teacher Lincoln
Lisa Taylor Nursery Head Teacher Manchester
Clare McCrory Nursery HLTA Manchester
Clare smith Nursery Leader Wisbech, cambridgeshire
Lorna Hart Nursery Leader (school Nursery) Church Stretton, Shropshire.
Sarah Holliday Nursery Manager Preston, Lancashire
T Morris Nursery Manager Redhill, Surrey
Jessica Gill Nursery Manager Manchester
Sam Goodman Nursery Manager Worcestershire
Sandra Ingleby Nursery Manager Southport. Merseyside
Sara Harding Nursery Manager Oxford
Helen Clegg Nursery Manager Bristol
Stephanie Metcalfe Nursery Manager UK
Pam Clarke Nursery Manager Derby
Sharon Brooks Nursery Manager Bexhill, East Sussex
Debra Hockin Nursery Manager Tutshill, Gloucestershire
Laureen moore Nursery Manager Newtownards Northern ireland
Emma Murphy Nursery Manager/Concerned Parent Leeds
Lucy Jones Nursery Manager/Teacher Whitchurch Hampshire
Laura Davy Nursery Nurse Preston Lancashire
Karen hazel Nursery Nurse Greenwich
Teresa Rafiq Nursery Nurse Ipswich
Suzanne Broafy Nursery Nurse Dewsbury West Yorkshire
Tina Engelhardt Nursery Nurse Bexleyheath, kent
Lindsay Atkinson Nursery Nurse Lincolnshire
Gillian Tait Nursery Nurse GatesHead
Mikaela Wild Nursery Nurse Berkshire
Natalie Quaglia-Hunt Nursery Nurse Southend-on-sea, Essex
Alison Shortt Nursery Nurse Manchester
Kate Partington Nursery Nurse Manchester
Alison Campbell Nursery Nurse Southend on Sea, Essex
Leona jackson Nursery Officer Swadlincote
Michelle Brown Nursery Officer Wooler, Northumberland
Sally Warr Nursery Officer and room Leader Leeds
Jo Morris Nursery Owner Swindon
Julia Crook Nursery Owner Darwen Lancashire
Alice Alves Nursery Owner London
Sheila Thompson Nursery Owner Solihull
Grace Siddington Nursery Owner Kettering, Northants
Karen Hatton Nursery Owner/Manager Guildford Surrey
Kathy Perry Nursery Owner/Manager Slough/Berkshire
Nicola Withers Nursery Owner/Manager Newport, Shropshire
Barbara Smith Nursery Owner/Practitioner Morley, Selby & Hemsworth. North & West Yorkshire
Pam Johnson Nursery Parents London
Claire Shaw Nursery Practitioner Warrington
Hayley ransom Nursery Practitioner Dunmow essex
Yvonne Wrigley Nursery Practitioner Ravenglass, Cumbria
Emma Taylor Nursery Practitioner Hixon Staffordshire
Karen Jones Nursery Practitioner Bognor Regis, West sussex
Claire Green Nursery Practitioner Devon
Kathy Scott Nursery Practitioner Newark/Notts UK
Nasreen Begum Nursery Practitioner Sheffield
sarah Nursery Practitioner rotherham
Jodie hunt Nursery Practitioner Basildon
Stella reynoldson Nursery Practitioner Albury australia
Jody Cuthbert Nursery Practitioner and Concerned Parent BOSTON, LINCOLNSHIRE
Jennifer Hewitt Nursery Practitioner and Concerned Parent Bristol
Sabrina Wharton Nursery Practitioner Norwich, norfolk
Dorothy Smith Nursery Practitioner North Lincolnshire
Michaela Whiting Nursery Practitioner Hastings
East Sussex
Rachel Lynn Nursery Practitioner Wisbech
Melissa Wherlock Nursery Practitioner Ascot, Berkshire
Sue Gray Nursery Practitioner Somerset
Sharon Higginbottom Nursery Practitioner Glossop Derbyshire
Rhiannon Thompson Nursery Practitioner Swadlincote
Jane Murphy Nursery Practitioner Twickenham, Middlesex
Paula Thompson Nursery Practitioner Tamworth, Staffs
Rukaya Alves Nursery Practitioner London
LSA Nursery Practitioner Westcliff on sea
Carol Laycock Nursery Practitioner Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Shazia Nursery Practitioner Birmingham
Jane Bell Nursery Practitioner Ponteland/Northumberland
Rachel Briggs Nursery Practitioner Stoke
Samantha Charlton Nursery Practitioner Newcastle upon Tyne
Louise Dawson Nursery Practitioner Feltham
Sarah clark Nursery Practitioner Leeds
Beverley Eaton Nursery Practitioner MaidenHead Berks
Sally Nursery Practitioner Stafford
Christine ingham Nursery Practitioner Manchester
Gill Colton Nursery Practitioner Greenwich
Vicki Ford Nursery Practitioner Shaftesbury, Dorset
Samantha Curtis Nursery Practitioner Newcastle upon Tyne
Nida Nursery Practitioner Reading
Jenna Price Nursery Practitioner Reading Berkshire
Sonia Pursglove Nursery Practitioner Lancashire
Victoria Lishman Nursery Practitioner Hexham, Northumberland
Farzana Nursery Practitioner NELSON LANCASHIRE
Kuen-Wah Cheung Nursery Practitioner and playworker Brighton
Melissa Edwards Nursery Practitioner/Concerned Parent Blackpool
Eilish Nursery Practitioner/parent Grays, essex
Mrs Hermin Whyte Nursery Proprietor
Tam Bennett Nursery School Head Teacher Liverpool, Merseyside
Joanne O'Raw Nursery School Head Teacher Stockport
Rachel Lewis Nursery School Head Teacher Wigan
Angela Dixon Nursery School Head Teacher Brierfield, Lancashire
Nikki Oldhams Nursery School Head Teacher & Teaching School Lead London
Tiffany Bisby Nursery School Principal, Early Years Teacher and Lecturer Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Madalinepalmer Nursery school Teacher Hull
clairenavaie@gmail.com Nursery School Teacher London Borough of Southwark
Wen Shao Nursery School Teacher London
Paula Liggat Nursery School Teacher Nelson, Lancashire
Louise Phillips Nursery School Teacher Chorley, Lancashire
Ceri Rowley Nursery senior Manager Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Helli McBlane Nursery TA Abu Dhabi
V Clegg Nursery TA Abi Dhabi, UAE
Tracey Nursery Teacher Thurrock
Fiona Sheppard Nursery Teacher Uxbridge, Middlesex
Sarah Nursery Teacher Stockport
Katrina Yolland Nursery Teacher Southend on Sea Essex
Jen Williams Nursery Teacher Hertfordshire
Heken Kay Nursery Teacher Witney, Oxfordshire
Anna Moran Nursery Teacher North Kensington, London
Steph cullum Nursery Teacher Chatham
Kerry Pierce Nursery Teacher Paignton, Devon
Berni Driver Nursery Teacher Newmarket
Vicky Smith Nursery Teacher Hertfordshire
Clare Hammill Nursery Teacher Aylesbury Bucks
Helen Brady Duck Nursery Teacher St Helen's
Daisy Maytham Nursery Teacher Kintbury Berkshire
Catherine Lievesley Nursery Teacher Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Vaishali Bamania Nursery Teacher Blackburn
Carina Edwards Nursery Teacher Guildford Surrey
Louise Richards Nursery Teacher Wallington Surrey
Rachael Bartlett Nursery Teacher Durham
Rachel Dickens Nursery Teacher Chesterfield/ Derbyshire
Samantha Murphy Nursery Teacher Ascot, Berkshire
Cath Nursery Teacher Halifax
Linda Sawkins Nursery Teacher Colchester Essex
Russell Johnson Nursery Teacher Slough/Berks.
Leeanne Brookes Nursery Teacher Abu Dhabi, UAE (teaching a British Curriculum School)
lianna Hodson Nursery Teacher Cambridgeshire
Lauren dando Nursery Teacher Cannock Staffordshire
Hannah Watson Nursery Teacher Hampshire
Carolyn Webb Nursery Teacher Leeds
Isobel Peik-Azadi Nursery Teacher London
Anthea Jones Nursery Teacher Ely
Rachel Dickens Nursery Teacher Chesterfield/ Derbyshire
Hannah Watson Nursery Teacher Hampshire
Gail Morrison Nursery Teacher London
Catherine Citroen Nursery Teacher London
Annie Winter Nursery Teacher London
Sophie Mahloudji Nursery Teacher Rugby
Joanne Luke Nursery Teacher Rushden
Clare O’Grady Nursery Teacher Coventry West Midlands
Anne Crocker Nursery Teacher Manchester
Sarah Clarkson Nursery Teacher Coventry, West Midlands
Lisa Bowden Nursery Teacher Episkopi, Cyprus
Amy Williams Nursery Teacher Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Annette Willlams Nursery Teacher Manchester
Rita Bannon Nursery Teacher Manchester
Bill Ashley Nursery Teacher Episkopi
Shannon Nursery Teacher London
Clare Nursery Teacher Bury St Edmunds
Susan Diment Nursery Teacher London
Eve whistler Nursery Teacher London
Jacqueline Hamood Nursery Teacher Abu Dhabi U.A.E
Rachel Nursery Teacher Birmingham
Lorna Boulton Nursery Teacher Croydon, Surrey
Katie Hulme Nursery Teacher Sheffield
Carmen Armstrong Nursery Teacher Cumbria
J Harris Nursery Teacher Stevenage
Terri Gotheridge Nursery Teacher Sheffield
Sam Halls Nursery Teacher London
Alex Moore Nursery Teacher Cardiff
Amelie Kankiwala Nursery Teacher London
Emma Burdis Nursery Teacher Washington, Tyne & Wear
Amy Crowle Nursery Teacher Reading
Liz Halley Nursery Teacher London
Magdalena serowka Nursery Teacher Shoeburyness
Jeanette Hartley Nursery Teacher Stanley, Falkland Islands
Jane Nursery Teacher Mansfield Woodhouse
Alison Connor Nursery Teacher Wolverhampton
Margaret Donegan Nursery Teacher British school, Venezuela
Samantha Reynolds Nursery Teacher Barnsley
Sara Ball Nursery Teacher Ilford
Anita Fortes Nursery Teacher Norfolk
Sarah Jones Nursery Teacher Windsor, Berkshire
Ellie Jones Nursery Teacher Ruthin, North Wales
Claire Holtham Nursery Teacher Birmingham, England
Louise McDermott Nursery Teacher Warrington
Emma Hedley Nursery Teacher Manchester
Sarah Emeny Nursery Teacher Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Anthea Jones Nursery Teacher Ely Cambridgeshire
Elly Jones Nursery Teacher London
Zoe McKenzie Nursery Teacher Dubai
Helen Kirsty Kay Nursery Teacher Spalding, Lincolnshire
Anne Deane Nursery Teacher Gravesend Kent
Linda MacDonald Nursery Teacher (school Nursery class) & EYFS Phase Lead OsWestry, Shropshire
Victoria McConnachie Nursery Teacher and Concerned Parent Twickenham, Middlesex
Rebecca Smiles Nursery Teacher and Concerned Parent Leeds
Laura Heighton Nursery Teacher and Concerned Parent Scunthorpe
Dawn Taylor Nursery Teacher and Concerned Parent Walsall/West Midlands
Juliet Perrin Nursery Teacher and Head of Pre Nursery and Nursery Thailand - Chonburi
Katie Barker Nursery Teacher and Senco Soham, Cambridgeshire
Connie Bower Nursery Teacher in a primary school London
Celestine Boyle Nursery Teacher retired Tavistock Devon
Deb Hockley Nursery Teacher, Concerned Parent of a 3 Year old Barnstaple, Devon
Jo mallinson Nursery Teacher/ EYFS Leader Darlington
Julie Faulks Nursery Teacher/Manager OsWestry, Shropshire
sonia mainstone-cotton Nurture consultant in Reception classes Bath
Lisa Fricker Ofsted registered Childminder Southampton
Erin Cuffley Owner of pre school Southampton
Belinda Drummond Parent Cheltenham
Alasdair Smith Parent London
Sally Kincaid Parent Leeds
Jacqui Granger Parent London
Muhith Mutalib Parent Bristol, Avon
Yael Parent Leeds
Alison Willcocks parent London
Rachel Redmond Parent Belper, Derbyshire
Lara Newson Parent London
Ros Harker parent sheffield
Bethan Powell Parent Hereford, Herefordshire
Lisa holdridge Parent Derby
V Parslew Parent Berkhamsted, Herts
Marion Parent Reading
Imogen Baxter Parent Reading
Monica Parent Hereford
Christine Matkin Parent Sunderland
Kirsty Parent Welling
Ren Carne powell Parent Reading
Rachel Barker Parent Reading
Laurie Powell Parent Reading
Malin Opoku Parent Reading
Mark Vox Parent Taunton
Catherine Vass Parent Andover
Zoe Lambden Parent Reading
Eleni Christopoulou Parent Bristol
Emma Kellie Parent Northumberland
Zoe Lambden Parent Reading
Jemma Parent Dorset
Julie Parent Welling
Sophie Vickery Parent Reading
cassy oliphant Parent and creative Practitioner Leeds
Debbie Faulkner Parent and EY enthusiast Histon, Cambridgeshire
Inga Gregory Parent and KS1 Teaching Assistant Reading, Berkshire
Valentina Christophi Parent and previous Early Years Reception Teacher London
Diana Barker Parent and qualified Teacher Alton
Sian Ephgrave Parent and Researcher Bristol, Avon
Reem El-Sharouni Parent and school governor London
Robb Saban Parent governor Charlton London
Sarah Timmins DeGregory Parent governor Reading, Berkshire
Patricia Lane Parent, EY & KS1 Practitioner Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Emma Goto Parent, former Reception Teacher / education researcher Winchester, UK
Helen Bates Parent, teaching Assistant Cheltenham
Jade Folley Parent/ education administrator Reading, Berkshire
krystol johnson Parent/Practitioner London poplar
Elizabeth Holloway Phase Leader / Reception Teacher Doha Qatar
Jacqui Shankly Play Therapist Lichfield
Jenny Layley Practitioner Reading
Claire House Practitioner Bristol
Vicky Sawka Practitioner Researcher Sheffield
Alice Millward Pre school deputy Manager Hartshorne, Derbyshire
Natalie Strike Pre school deputy supervisor Liskeard Cornwall
Sally Ann Price Pre School Manager Leicestershire
Shaneen Lee Pre school Manager Bristol
Claire Perry Pre school Manager and Concerned Parent Cranleigh, Surrey
Kelly Wakeham Pre school room Leader Plymouth
Sarah Richer Pre school Teacher Rayleigh Essex
David Howe Pre-School Chair Heanor - Derbyshire
Emma Burt Pre-school Leader Bridport, Dorset
Laura Fuller Pre-school management committee member Highworth, Wiltshire
Jackie Taylor Pre-School Manager Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Judi Riley Pre-school Manager South Yorkshire
Tracey Marrs Pre-School Manager Notts
Melissa Woodford-Smith Pre-School Proprietor Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire
Julie Crouch Pre-School SENDCo and Qualified Teacher Hornchurch, Essex
Mrs Helena Cochrane, MA ed, Be ed Hons Pre-school Teacher Shoeburyness, Essex
Jacqueline Fryer Preschool Deputy Manager Hertfordshire
Dragana Nikolic Preschool Director Limassol, Cyprus
Siobhan Stephenson Preschool Leader Haydon Bridge, Northumberland
Emma Hook Preschool Manager Salisbury, Wiltshire
Emma Grice Preschool Manager Newton Abbot, Devon
Cece Jovanoski Preschool Owner Watford Hertfordshire
Jackie Millward Preschool Owner & Manager Sutton on Sea Lincolnshire
Tanya Bashford Preschool Practitioner and student Early Years Teacher Bristol
Janet Gregg Preschool Teacher Watrous Saskatchewan Canada
Wendy Scott OBE President, TACTYC< the association for professional development in Early Years Keswick, Cumbria
Tom Hollis Primary school governor / Concerned Parent Tring, Hertfordshire
Margaret Fairclough Primary School governor and retired Early Years’ Head Teacher Derbyshire
Atkinson Primary Teacher Sussex
Elaine Dean Primary Teacher Oldham
S Sagan Primary Teacher. Nursery Ruislip, Middlesex
Lorna Head Principal Bournemouth, Dorset.
Gee Macrory Principal Lecturer in Education Manchester
Charlotte Perry Professional Nanny London
Dr. Abdul Kareem Professor Selangor; MALAYSIA
Emma Renold Professor of Childhood Studies Cardiff
Debbie Epstein Professor of Cultural Studies in Education Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Sue Martin Professor of Early childhood education in Canada - was UK Froebel Nursery - infant Teacher Toronto, Ontario, Canada(was Cambridge England)
Jayne Osgood Professor of Early Years Education London
Diane Reay Professor of Education University of Cambridge
Cathy Nutbrown Professor of Education Sheffield
stephanie spencer professor of history of women's education Winchester, Hampshire
Nicky Hirst Programme Leader Early Childhood Studies Liverpool
Eleri Psychologist Wales
Mrs Natasha Sgambati Reception Learning Assistant London
Haley Cantwell Reception LSA Southend, Essex
Catherine Evans Reception parent Kent
Stacy leech Reception Practitioner Whitworth, Lancashire
Racheal Hannington Reception Practitioner Reading, Berkshire
Claire Reception staff Dunstable
Vicky Hackett Reception TA Colne, Lancashire
Emily Sandford Reception TA London
Clair Graham Reception teaching Assistant North Yorkshire
Hannah milton Reception teaching Assistant Folkestone
Sarah Farrant Reception teaching Assistant Chilmark, Wiltshire
Susan latimer Reception teaching Assistant Blaydon Tyne and Wear
Liliana Copland Reception teaching Assistant Bradford, West Yorkshire
Laura Thombs Reception teaching Assistant Chester
Susan Rose Registered Childminder LeatherHead
Fiona Gray Registered Childminder North Tyneside
Sarah Foord-Divers Registered Childminder London
Jacqueline Bennison Registered Childminder Accrington, Lancashire
Saira Mortimer Registered Childminder, EYPS OsWestry Shropshire
Jonny Crawshaw Rescue Our Schools York
Dr Abigail Hackett Research Fellow Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Dr Stella Louis Researcher London
George Solly Researcher Reading
Rod Parker-Rees Researcher Exmouth, Devon
Prof Sarah Younie Researcher Leicester
Gabrielle Ivinson Researcher Manchester
Christina Macrae Researcher UK
Patrick Yarker Researcher Norwich
Frank Coffield Researcher Durham
Christopher Clouder Researcher UK
Raj Gill Researcher Leicester
Mary Whalley Researcher - Early childhoog Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Therese Alison Gabriel Lewis Researcher (Social Work, Education and Well Being) Overwater, CUMBRIA
Katrina Researcher & parent Wylam
Professor Helen Bilton Researcher and academic Reading
Georgie Tarling Researcher and Concerned Parent Exeter, Devon
Anjali Lockett Researcher and Nursery Teacher Bristol
Dr Matilda Stickley Researcher at School of Education, University of Nottingham Nottingham
Tanya Researcher, Reception Teacher Gloucestershire
Janet M Retired academic New Milton, Hampshire
Bryan Peake Retired Assistant Director(Children and Families Services) Blackburn, Lancs
Marjorie Ouvry Retired Early education consultant, author and writer London
Sue Hale Retired Early Years Advisory Head Teacher and currently a Governor Oxford
Jean Barker Retired Early Years Teacher Sheffield South Yorkshire
Sue Retired Early Years Teacher Birmingham
Helen Griffith Retired Early Years Teacher Oxford
Liz Jones Retired Early Years Teacher
Headington, Oxford
Rosalind Barton Retired Early Years Teacher and EY Peripatetic Special Needs Adviser Surrey
cliffordc50@gmail.com Retired educator London
Sue Sidlow Retired EY Advisory Teacher, Retired Deputy Head, very concerned grandparent Wrexham
Jane Louth Retired EY Teacher UK
Colin Harris retired Head Teacher Havant
Karen Howell Retired Head Teacher Leamington Spa Warwickshire
Dr Bob Fox Retired Head Teacher and University Lecturer Worcester
Dr Liz Rook Retired Nursery Head Teacher London
Gill Hickman Retired Nursery Head Teacher / Governor London
Theresa Lane Retired Nursery school Head Teacher London
Catherine Larkin Retired Nursery school Head Teacher& EY consultant Manchester
Helen Rubin Retired Nursery/Infant Teacher UK + Specialist Infant through Primary Years caregiver US Florida, USA
Nisimo Retired Reception Class Teacher London
B. Bunting Retired Reception Teacher Lancashire
Marie Priest Retired Reception Teacher Brighton
Jackie Andrew-Barrett Retired Senior Specialist Educational Psychologist - Early Years Milton Keynes
Susan barry Retired Teacher London
Lorna Wright Retired Teacher Colchester, Essex
Fleur Griffiths Retired Teacher, child psychologist, university Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies and author of 2Early Years booksb Durham City
James Read S.E.N Support Kent
Jaydene Merry School Admin Shoeburyness, Essex
Katherine Stowell School Administrator London
Jo Evans School based Nursery Teacher Solihull. West Midlands
Robert Young School Governor South Woodford, London
Penny Mason-Kyme School Nursery lsa Redcar
Debbie Jeacock School Nursery Manager and Teacher Birmingham, West Midlands
Holly Strawbridge School Nursery Teacher Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Frankie Dixie Secondary drama Teacher London
Hannah SEN Support Practitioner Reading
B M Carpenter SEN Support(Nursery) SE London
Kelly SEN Teacher West Sussex
Kelly SEN Teaching Assistant London
Leonie Emma O'Brien SEN Teaching Assistant (previous EYFS Manager) Scunthorpe
Eleanor Church Senco London
Sandra Hawkins SENCO Stevenage
Nick Packard SENCO Newcastle on Tyne
Maxine McAllister Senco and Practitioner and Early Years under graduate Eastbourne east Sussex
Charlotte SEND Teacher Belper, Derbyshire
Vickie Stainsby SENDCO Early Years Lincolnshire
Nikki Tilson Senior Advisor (Assessment) London
Wendy Kaye Senior Early Years Practitioner Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
Lina florio Senior Early Years Practitioner London
Shabnam Amin Senior Early Years Practitioner Manchester Lancashire
Dr Peter Wood Senior Lecturer Liverpool, UK
Patricia Carroll Senior Lecturer Early Years UK
Dr Nikki Fairchild Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Chichester West Sussex
John Wadsworth Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, Goldsmiths -University of London London
Heather Elliott Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education at York St John University York, N.Yorkshire
Lisa-Marie Martin Senior Lecturer in Education Hill Head, Hampshire
Kirsty Joisce Senior Lecturer in Education Winchester
Sharon Witt Senior Lecturer in Education ( University) Fareham
Dr. Louise Pagden Senior Lecturer in education and Concerned Parent Winchester
Diane MottersHead Senior Nursery Teacher Hatfield, Glossop, Derbyshire
Oliver Harness Senior School Improvement Officer Whitley Bay, North Tyneside
Lara Brinkley Senior Teacher Suffolk
Erika Shuttleworth Senior Teaching Assistant Ambleside, Cumbria
Hannah Hallas Senior Teaching Assitant Poole. Dorset. England.
Alison Hawthorn Senior Teaching Fellow London
Gideon Sappor Senior Teaching Fellow in Primary and Early Years education London
Tracy Brabin MP Shadow Early Years Minister Batley and Spen
Rachel Cowdry Social worker/ charity director Norwich, norfolk
Joe Luscombe Social worker Leeds, West Yorkshire
Maureen Speach and language Teacher Southend essex
Emma Scott Specialist Advisory Teacher Shefford, Bedfordshire
Jules Thomas Specialist Leader of Education Early Years West Midlands
Louise day Speech and language therapist Edinburgh
Janet Klaar Steiner/Waldorf Early Years trainer Stourbridge
Heather Marsh Student Early Years Teacher Status and Preschool Deputy Manager Chester
Roza Bernard Student Teacher Croydon
Becky Student Teacher Windsor
Kay Brown Student Teacher Hartlepool, Durham
Helen Brown Student Teacher - Early Years specialist London
Ellie Student Teacher (Reception) Bromley
Linda Forbes Supervision Tutor UCL IoE London
Liz Giles Supply Primary school Teacher, Early Years focus and a Concerned Parent. Stockport, Cheshire
donna hewitt TA Warrington
Sharon Couttie Teacher halstead
Joanna Rowse Teacher London
Karen Poulton Teacher Rome
Lydia Benson Teacher Bolton
Jo Teacher Suffolk
Francesca Chilvers Teacher Woodbridge Suffolk
Tracey Jackson Teacher Hatfield Hertfordshire
Suzanne Flynn Teacher Southport
Sarah White Teacher Ipswich
alison meacham Teacher radstock somerset
Sonia Teacher York
Hannah abbott Teacher Canvey island essex
Emma Teacher Surrey
Heather Nesbitt Teacher London
Catherine Skinner Teacher Peckham, London
Judi crockett Teacher Abu Dhabi
sab Teacher Durham
Barbara Harrison Teacher Doncaster , South Yorkshire
Lisa jones Teacher Dartford kent
Jenny Crilly Teacher Liverpool
Jessica Wall Teacher Emmer Green
Louise Robinson Teacher Hornchurch essex
Kristy Teacher Australia
Stephanie Maddock Teacher Sudbury Suffolk
Jessica Teacher Adelaide, Australia
John Laverty Teacher London
Hannah Fuller Teacher Newcastle Tyne & Wear
Charlotte Crump Teacher Ipswich, Suffolk
Charlotte Gill Teacher Keighley, West Yorkshire
Anna-Maria Mclean Teacher London
Kelly McLoughlin Teacher Bealings, Suffolk
Stephanie Clarke Teacher Manchester
Beccky Allder Teacher (currently pre-school) Wellington, Somerset
Heidi Singleton Teacher (not currently in post) & Concerned Parent Ilford, Essex
Michelle Bull Teacher and chair of governors for 2 Nurseries Reading
Louise Coffey Teacher and Concerned Parent Grimsby N E Lincolnshire
Jane Jowett Teacher and Concerned Parent Basingstoke Hants
Paula Owens Teacher and consultant Sheerness
Nicolette Smallshaw Teacher and education adviser London
Ray Le Couteur Teacher and parent Ipswich, Suffolk
Emma Campbell Teacher and Reception parent Newcastle upon Tyne
Jenny Mason Teacher and Teaching Consultant Cheshire
Nicky Hudson Teacher and trustee of PVI setting Norwich, Norfolk
Nathalie Schotman Teacher assisant The Hague the Nederlands
Maria Vinney Teacher educator Christchurch
Anna Grant Teacher educator London
Penny Amott Teacher educator London
Dr Jon Berry Teacher educator and researcher St Albans, England
Tessa Willy Teacher Educatory London, UK
Flori Teacher EY Coventry
Lisa Killelay Teacher in Charge of Nursery Birmingham, West Midlands
Charis Smith Teacher, Parent, Parent coach Portland, OR Multnomah County
Laura Teacher’s Family Doncaster
Claire Pring Teacher/Learning Mentor Weston Super Mare, Avon
Sarah Parker Teaching Assistant Eastleigh, Hampshire
L cookson Teaching Assistant Southport merseyside
Sara Shaw Teaching Assistant Coventry
Lisa Teaching Assistant Grimsby
Marguerite Elrick Teaching Assistant County Durham
Pavlina Gregoriou Teaching Assistant Trafford
Julie Wakefield Teaching Assistant Abingdon
Sandra Hiscox Teaching Assistant Yeovil
Elaine Goodban Teaching Assistant
Maggie White Teaching Assistant Salisbury
Debbie Linden Teaching Assistant Essex
Kathleen Allen Teaching Assistant Hope Valley, Derbyshire.
Anne Gartside Teaching Assistant Sheffield
Heather Mcleod Teaching Assistant Birmingham
Lynn Brown teaching Assistant Leeds
Em Teaching Assistant Barnsley
Lucy Hickton Teaching Assistant Chesterfield
Liz Driver Teaching Assistant Reading
Stacey Al Darmaki Teaching Assistant (Nursery) Abu dhabi, UAE
Melanie Monaghan Teaching Assistant and grandparent Reading berkshire
Sarah Barton Teaching sssistant Swindon
Ricky Jones Trade unionist, and Concerned Parent. Dartford Kent
Fay Trainee Early Years Teacher Somerset
Amy Garbett Trainee Early Years Teacher Walsall, West Midlands
Rowan Gaffney Trainee educational psychologist Nottingham
Sophie Higgs Trainee EY Teacher Ascot and Berkshire
Sarah Ellis Trainee EYFS Teacher, EYFS HLTA Guisbrough, North Yorkshire
Rhiannon Bell Trainee Reception Teacher Staffordshire
Sam Rose Trainee Teacher Croydon Surrey
Beckie Jones Trainee Teacher Chesterfield
Hannah Machon Trainee Teacher Sheffield
Sam Rose Trainee Teacher Croydon
Jacqui Baines Trainee Teacher Hull
Sophie Higgs Trainee Teacher specialising in Early Years Ascot
Danielle Stubbs UK Teacher working overseas Bristol
Carole Scott University ITE course Leader Reading Berkshire
Alastair Kevin Daniel University Lecturer London
Jean Edwards University Lecturer Northampton
Tim Burgess University Lecturer Guildford
Amanda Kipling University Lecturer London
Peter Mayne University Lecturer Worcester
Heather Munn University Lecturer London
Angela Bonehill University Lecturer Coventry
Sarah McGrath University Lecturer (ITE) Manchester
Dr Sue Anderson-Faithful University Lecturer Faculty of Education Winchester
Mandy Pierlejewski University researcher Halifax
Imogen Jakubek University School Manager Reading
Faith Fletcher University Snr Early Years Lecturer Chester
Pat Very concerned grandparent Reading Berkshire
Jason Cuthbert very Concerned Parent and primary Teacher Boston, Lincolnshire
Denise Knight Vice Principal Southend Essex
Rod Parker-Rees Visiting Research Fellow Exmouth, Devon
Jade Martin Y1 Teacher Derbyshire
Laura Wood Y1 Teacher and Concerned Parent Gillingham
Amanda Stewart Year 1 (ITMP) Teacher Norwich Norfolk
Rosie Adams Year 1 Teacher Witney oxfordshire
Hannah Whiteing Year 1 Teacher Leeds, Yorkshire
Ellie Year 1 Teacher Basildon, Essex
Lea Kelly Year 1 Teacher Crawley, West Sussex
Debbie Matthews Year 1 Teacher Wooler Northumberland
Eleanor Chase Year 1 Teacher Bangkok, Thailand
Nicola Cook Year 1 Teacher with Early Years Teacher Status at Boughton Primary School Northamptonshire
Becky Hatch Year 1 Teacher/Maths Leader Weston super mare
Danny Agarwal Year 2 Teacher London
Holly Year 2 Teacher and KS1 Lead LeatherHead
Zoe Pragnell Year One Teacher Crawley, West Sussex
Gemma Kelly Year One Teacher Luton
Anna-Mai Armstrong Year One Teacher, Head of KS1 Stroud, Gloucestershire
Mine Conkbayir Early years author, consultant and PhD researcher London
Celia Wilson Speech and Language Therapist Bootle, Sefton
Kate Nutbourne Pre School Manager Belper, Derbyshire
Lucinda Himeur EYFS Phase leader Lewisham
Vicki Caplan Reception teacher Shoeburyness. Essex
Yvonne Chatt Reception teacher Suffolk
Catherine S Nursery teacher Northamptonshire
Lauren Teacher London
Lyssa Palmer Nursery practiyioner Leeds. West yorkshire
Maggie Barlow Reception Leader Wr114ue
Cathy EYFS leader Romford, Essex
Becky Powell SENCO and Deputy Head of a nursery school and former reception class teacher London
Andrea Beasley Reception teacher Guildford, Surrey
Nicola Leggett Former Nursery Teacher Somerset
Olivia MacNay Reception teacher Leeds
Gemma Unsworth Reception Teacher Blackpool Lancashire
Anne Newton Reception Teacher York
Fiona Joines Early Years Trainer Oxford
Leanne Nursery practitioner Preston
Helen Cremins Nursery practitioner Birmingham
Kerry McCaffrey Early Years Teacher Lytham St Annes, Lancashire
Dr Camila Devis-Rozental Senior lecturer Poole
Gabrielle Anthony Reception teacher and Year lead Bournemouth Dorset
Lisa Tilbury Pre school deputy manager Wallingford Oxfordshire
Abbie Lock Reception teacher Ipswich, Suffolk
Celia Barker EYFS Lead Slough, Berkshire
Ruth Hallatt Reception Teacher Durham
Sophie Robertson Reception teacher Bradford West Yorkshire
Lucy Bloor F2 Teacher and a concerned parent Nottingham
Rachel Brabban Reception Teacher Stanley Crook, Co Durham
Sarah Rose Nursery and reception teacher Bridport Dorset
Lucy Cox Teacher, parent, governor Brent, London
Jaime Calvert Reception teacher Northampton
Paula Reception Teacher Derbyshire
Stephanie O'Donovan Teaching Assistant Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Tracey Early Years Lincoln
Jodie Mctear Childminder Wotton Under Edge, Glos
Fiona clancy Early years professional & concerned parent Derby
Kayleigh reception teacher Stockport
Laura Francis Nursery practitioner Abingdon Oxfordshire
Rebecca Reeve Early Years Practitioner St Albans Hertfordshire
Martyn Arthur reception Senior Teacher Assistant and qualified teacher Casrhalton, Surrey
Megyn MacKenzie Reception Teacher Horsham West Sussex
Rebecca Suluga-Fagalilo Reception Teacher/Early Years Leader Spennymoor, County Durham
Jill Nursery owner of 35 years Isle of Wight
Helen Davenport EYFS SLE Thirsk
Alison Reception Teacher Tunbridge Wells
Nicky Webb Nursery Manager Canterbury
Ruth Hobley Early Years Lead / Reception teacher Cambridgeshire
Siân Norman Nursery Teacher and EYFS Coordinator London
Teresa James senior Early years educator Dawlish,Devon
Rebecca Day Eyfs leader Orpington
Kirsty Curtis Nursery Manager & Early Years Teacher Saffron Walden, Essex
Lorraine Lewis Reception Teacher and EYFS Senior Leader Margate, Kent
Victoria Rowley Teacher and concerned parent Norwich
Charlotte Garlick Reception teacher Kent
Cat Preston Reception teacher Birmingham
Anna Putnam Nursery Teacher Croydon, Surrey
Natalie Chadaway Eyfs Phase Leader / Reception Teacher Oxford, oxfordshire
Sue Challender Nursery practitioner Crowthorne, Berkshire
Hannah Riddell Reception Teacher EYFS Lead Lincolnshire
Claire Churcher Early Years Lead & Nursery teacher Jersey
Nicola Cannon Nursery proprietor - teacher and manager Melton Woodbridge suffolk
Lucy Bonham Reception teacher Norwich, Norfolk.
Samantha Taylor Nursery Teacher Swindon
Tammy Smith EYFS lead, Assistant Head Redditch
Kerry Moody EYFS Lead, SLE, MaST. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Caroline Russell Primary school teacher and mother. Hertford
Emily Mead Reception teacher Cambridgeshire
Tracey Crute-Mussell Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion London
Emma baker Reception teacher and concerned parent Southend Essex
Shell jones Reception teacher Workington
Sarah Henson Preschool Manager Pilton, Somerset
Amber Dancey reception teacher Tamworth
Karen Finn Reception Teacher and EYFS Lead Tameside
Cheryl Dowdeswell Reception teacher and parent of two young children Northants
charlotte norman EYFS lead Sunderland
Michelle Machin Reception teacher Harlow, Essex
Maria Lopes Teacher assistant The Hague, Netherlands
Kerry Early years practitioner Hertfordshire
Debra Drysdale EYFS leader Leeds, West Yorkshire
Jenna McFarlane Concerned parent and student teacher Merseyside
Danniella Morrison Early Years Consultant London
Jen France EYFS Co-ordinator, Reception teacher Witney, Oxon
Deb Newman Pre-school practitioner Harlow Essex


Kelly Guthrie Deputy Headteacher Leigh on sea, Essex
Shirley Stevens Reception Teacher Bath
Erin Nursery Manager Southampton
barbara mcausland early years practioner charlton london
Helen Reception Teacher Berkshire
Stewart Dryden Husband of a Reception Teacher Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Jo Shaw Teacher of mixed aged, Reception, Year 1 and 2 Wymondham, Norfolk
Rachel Stanley Early years teacher in special school St Albans
Laura Wall Nursery Practitioner Taunton
Sharon Everett Preschool Manager Norfolk
Michelle Jones Ofsted Registered Childminder Coventry
Amy Wilson Early years practitioner Coventry
Michelle Jones Ofsted Registered Childminder Coventry
Sallyann Hardaker Early years leader SENCO and reception teacher Leeds
Sally Lee Nursery owner West Midlands
Julie Willmott Early years advanced practitioner Clifton, Bedfordshire
Louise phillips Nursery practitioner Bath
Elle McArthur EYFS Phase Leader London
Melanie Hall EYFS Leader Hertfordshire
Celestine Boyle Nursery Teacher retired Tavistock Devon
merilyn maytham Foundation Stage teacher 16
Ashton Place
Emma sharp Reception teacher Salford
Helen Herbert Nursery school manager
Kirk Hammerton NYorkshire
Ruth Campbell Deputy Head of Nursery School Chichester, West Sussex
Siobhan Bunce Reception teacher Plymouth, Devon
Hannah McCrimmon Assistant Vice Principal / Year 1 teacher Chester
Terri Dawson Reception Teacher Barrow-in-Furness
Anita Fortes Nursery Teacher Thetford Norfolk
Debbi mills Nursery manager Kent
Josephine Ronson Early Years Lead Exeter
Emily Whitehorn Reception teacher
Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
Aisling Pugsley Playgroup Leader/Early Years Teacher Belfast, Antrim
Rachel Nursery Teacher Leeds
Amanda Hill Deputy Head Ilford
Laura Bloomfield Reception Teacher Haslemere, Surrey
Kathryn Morgan Reception teacher and concerned parent Exeter, Devon
Abi Nursery Teacher Halifax
Annie Arnold EY phase Leader Oxon
Claire Moore EYFS Leader Ilford Essex
Martine Nursery practitioner Reading
Adele Nicholls Reception teacher Bristol
Beverley Bravey Early years lead teacher Durham
Debra Gordon Reception teacher Darlington, Durham
Rachel Fletcher Nursery Teacher Liverpool
Yuk-Lam Collins Reception teacher Salford
Heather Reception teacher London
Laura Nash EYFSLeader Barnsley South Yorkshire
Kathryn winstanley Nursery teacher Chichester west sussex
Kelsey Reception teacher/Phase leader Birmingham
Amanda Reception teacher Shaftesbury
Alice Bolton Reception teacher Leeds
Chloe Hindmarsh University Lecturer Sheffield, S.Yorks
Christal Turner Nursery Teacher/concerned parent of a 3 year old
Nottinghamshire, Sutton-in-Ashfield U.K.
Isca serrano Nursery teacher Liverpool
Gemma Heap Reception Teacher Skipton
Ines Topps Lead Teacher in Nursery Gosport
Fiona Bradley-Barnard Learning Leader for Early Years Cambridgeshire
Laura Kilday Early Years Teacher Leicestershire
Andrew Whitehead AHT London
Brigitta Clay nursery practitioner and researcher Brighton East Sussex
Sana ramzan Early years professional Swindon
Katie Greenhough EYFS SEN teacher Exeter
Sarah Frost Reception teacher and Early Years Co-ordinator Shoreham- by- Sea
Charsandy Gibson Preschool Deputy Manager Horsham West Sussex
Helen Hope Early Years Teacher Worcester
Deb Hughes Deputy H teacher London
Hayley hibbert Concerned parent Manchester
Amanda Reception/ year 1 teacher Buntingford, Herts
Liz Carlier Early Years Advisor North Somerset
Aimee Bristow Early Years Teaching Assistant worcester
Nichola Hill Reception Teacher Lindfield, West Sussex
Emily Barton Lead practitioner within a pre-school Crowborough
Emily Weaver Reception teacher Oxfordshire
Jacqui Andrews SENCO/reception teacher Prescot, Merseyside
Jane Roach SENCO Braintree, Essex
Laura Glynn Reception Teacher South Ockendon, Essex
Jo Pearson Yr 1 teacher East sussex
Hannah Clay Reception Teacher Birmingham
claire Navaie Nursery Class teacher London
Lois Ledder Reception teacher Chester
Kata Szemenyei EYFS teacher
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Katheine Houghton Early Years Teacher Bicester
Winsy Bamford-Flores Nursery Teacher (EYTS), SENDCO and Early Years Teacher London, UK
Theresa Batey Reception teacher Milton Keynes
Anna Rowlinson Early years teacher, parent of a Y1 boy London
Jo Keed Concerned parent(ex-reception teacher) Witney, Oxfordshire
Sarah Bunn Reception teacher, EYFS lead Deal, Kent
Sarah Worrall Training advisor Early years Telford
KATE Comberti Researcher and early years music practitioner Brighton , East Sussex
Victoria Early years/y1 TA Leeds. West Yorkshire
Charlotte McClymont E.Y.F.S. Leader and teacher Maidstone, Kent
Bethan kiernan Year 1 teacher West Lancashire
Nadine marshman Nursery teacher Hereford, Herefordshire
Stephanie moran Reception teacher Enfield
Emma Sims EYFS Leader & Reception teacher Lowestoft Suffolk
Joanna Barratt Y3 teacher but was R Burton on Trent
Silvia Murray Nursery Teacher London
Jill Bartram Concerned and disappointed parent Witney oxfordshire
Amy Claypole Nursery owner/teacher
Market Harborough/Leicestershire
Nicola Efendic EYFS Teacher Gloucester