EYFS reforms 2020:                      The 3i's of EYs activism



On 31st January 2020, the EYFS Reform consultation will be closing.  Have you had your say yet? If not, please get involved.  Here's why you need to and how you can do it!


  • The EYFS is being reformed. The proposed changes are highly contraversial and there is little, if any, support for much of what is proposed from anyone working on the ground with young children.
  • The programmes of education (descriptors for each of the 7 areas) have been completely rewritten and many feel they no longer reflect the development of children from birth to 5.  In parts they sound more like descriptors of KS1 or even beyond. 
  • The goals for the end of reception have also been completely rewritten.  These changes have been criticised from across the sector and led to the Early Years Coalition providing the DFE with 84 pages of evidence as to why these changes are unfounded and uneccessary.
  • There is a focus on the Reception Years as preparation for KS1, and the decision to give this year separate guidance within the new Development Matters guidance, again is ringing alarm bells, with many feeling it is leading to the formalisation of this essential year.


These are just some of the corncerns around these reforms. As I travel the country, I am still amazed at how many EYs colleagues:

  • are completely unaware of the proposals
  • assume the changes will only affect Reception, so they dont need to worry
  • think there is no point expressing their concerns


In short:

  • These changes ARE coming!
  • They will affect every. single. one. of. us.
  • Will we be heard? Who knows. But we MUST take the opportunity to state our concerns (and offer solutions)


Completing this consultation will take some time-but surely we can all spare time to complete something which is so important for our sector? 


The links below will take you to responses that will help you, you could even cut and paste some. 


As a member of the EYS community for the past 25yrs, I have never been so concerned about the direction of travel.  So from me to you- just please, please, please get involved. Tell your colleagues and share this link. 


Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.


Great pieces from leading EYs voices...all sharing serious concerns about these reforms:


Di Chilvers

Sue Gifford(Maths)

Helen Moylett

Mine Conkbayir (Self regulation)

Sue Cowley

June O'Sullivan

Ruth Churchill-Dower (EAD)



Table of proposed changes to programme and ELGS
A table clearly setting out current programmes and ELGs alongside the proposed changes. The changes are huge and many are completely unfounded and unevidenced. Please get informed and then have your say!
LED events - table of proposed changes t[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
Early Education response to EYFS consultation
Great document that you can easily cut and paste from/use to help as you complete your response
Draft EE response to EYFS consultation 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [233.5 KB]
TACTYC EYFS Consultation response
Another great response to inform your response
Adobe Acrobat document [618.1 KB]



Complete the consultation here BEFORE 31st January


Click here to complete the consultation



3. Time to INTERACT


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