Help us tell the DfE Music Matters for the Under 5's!

Music matters. It really matters. Being musical, feeling music, hearing music, making music, experiencing music from head to toe can (and does) transform childrens lives.


I have always thought this- but over the last year our involvem​ent with a fantastic charity called Creative Futures on a project called "Sounds Communities" has just opened up my eyes to the true power of music education in the Early Years.


This year long, fully funded CPD project working alongside early music specialists and local EYs colleagues has been transformational in how we view musical development and how plan for music our unique children in our enabling environment through those crucial positive relationships.



The impact on our children has been phenomenal which makes what is coming next from the wonderful Nicola Burke, Early Education Associate and author of Musical Development Matters....completely shocking and frankly disgraceful.


Please read on.  Help us to tell the DfE loud and clear that music REALLY matters for the under 5's.


Over to you Nicola...



Many of you will not be aware of a current consultation which has been put out by the the DfE, this is a consultation on Music Education to inform the refresh of the National Plan for Music Education (NPME). The current NPME includes children aged 5-18, i.e.  EY is excluded, which is why you may be unaware of this consultation.



Please, please can you complete the consultation here, it closes on March 13th.


There is one glaring area for you to respond - question 13 asks whether you think there is any one or more group sharing one or more of the characteristics listed, is under-represented - here you can say that the EY age group is excluded and it is therefore discriminative based upon age.


It also asks for additional information, there are lots of initiatives happening to support and develop EY music making which you can reference if you wish to do so:


Musical Development Matters, a free guidance published and endorsed by Early Education and endorsed by Youth Music & Arts Council England:


Tri-Music Together:


Sounds of Play:




Take Art, Soundwaves:


Magic Acorns:


Note Weavers:






You may also be aware of other EY music networks/ initiatives, if so please include them in your response and also please share here so that we can all learn more about what is happening musically in EY.



We have stood together so many times- challenging Bold Beginnings, baseline testing and most recently the ill informed EYFS reforms.


Please stand up again. Music is the right of every child and they deserve to feature in the DfE plans. Just because they are under 5- doesn't mean they don't count or that their experiences don't matter. Some would say these formative years count above all others.


And the craziness of this situation? Music has the power to close the gap, to improve outcomes across every area of the EYFS, to enrich lives...


Ends on 13th March. Please get involved today.


And...spread the word!