Join me on a journey. The journey to reclaim you!

August 2021

What a year. 

Actually make that- what a TWO years. 

And what a year to come. 

Working in any stage of education is always full on. But goodness me, what a roller coaster we have all been on. But we are still here. Still hanging in there perhaps. But still here.


Some of us will have been luckily enough to have a break. Colleagues working flat out in our wonderful PVI sector- may not have been so lucky. I really hope you find a way, however you do it, to have some time for you.


I started this holiday ready to completely switch off. Of course I didn’t. But I did make a good attempt, so I decided not to beat myself up.  I steered clear mostly of Twitter (and felt much better for it) and Instagram I left the Keeping Early Years Unique page for a few weeks.  I spent time in beautiful Somerset visiting my parents, did lots of walking, running, reading (yes I actually read 4 books over the break), colouring in, embroidery (ok it was a simple set) and even some diamond art. I even attacked the spare room that is meant to be my office...and made it look a bit officy! 

I did all of this in an effort to rest my mind- and I felt great for it. It was lovely to be thinking about what colour to colour the mermaids tail, or to sit putting tiny tiles on to my diamond art picture. I loved climbing up to the beautiful "Hurlstone Point" and chilling to Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay. I did all of this in an effort to get back to me- the me that somehow over the past few years has become all consumed with things Early Years.  


I love working in the Early Years. I am passionate about it as many reading this will be- but if we are not careful our passion and commitment to the sector, to keep pushing back against the nonsense coming from those deciding policy whilst working at the coalface- can easily become all we know, all we do.  Maybe we find ourselves coming home to families who don’t get the best of us, but simply what's left of us- which often may not be very much at all.


A random post on Facebook about how an employer can replace you, but a family can't definitely hit home. It is a message we all need to heed.



This summer I finally took the plunge and went to some Park runs- my first in Minehead and my second nearer to home. Both times I went along on my own and yes I completed both courses. Not the fastest- but I kept going. The atmosphere is amazing. The volunteers cheer you on, and on both runs I got chatting to other lone runners. Some people take their prams, their  dogs and other walk the course. So if you have not joined in before- I highly recommend it along with the amazing Couch to 5K app, which got me off my sofa over lockdown!


I have also taken the plunge to lose weight and through my GP signed up to Slimming World. Its only my first week- so I will let you know how I get on!  But I am at a place in my life when I am ready to take action.   


I shared this on Instagram and the response was amazing- it literally blew me away. So many people related to the challenges I face balancing life, work, mental, emotional and physical health. 

So I decided to try something new. To build another community. But not one concerned with debating Early years, but a community of like minded folk (not all necessarily school/education based) who are ready to make a change in their lives. To join me taking steps on the road back to ourselves.

If you want to start the journey to reclaim you, come on over and join here. There's already over 500 of us. So you are not alone. We really are on this journey together!


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