All about Keeping Early Years Unique (KEYU)

Hello and welcome. My name is Elaine. I began my career in EYs back in 1994 when I qualified as a Nursery Nurse.  Five years later and I graduated with my BEd-but it has always been, and will always be the high calibre, child development focussed NNEB training that made me the teacher I am today.  26 years later and I am still working on the ground, teaching YrR and leading the EYFS at my school.  I always thought 20+ years in things would get easier for those of working in EYs.  But they are not. It isn't because of the children.  It's because that as a sector we are having to do something that I could have never anticipated. We are having to stand up for young children’s right to play and develop. This is why back in March 2015 Keeping Early Years Unique (KEYU for short) was born...the world of EYs needed it to be. 


I initially started the page as a  haven for people working in early childhood education.  I was becoming aware of pressure in the early years sector, not just on the adults working there, but the children too and their families. I was often finding myself feeling isolated in the world of social media, defending childrens right to play and develop at their own rate.  I was beginning to feel maybe I was alone in my views. I founded KEYU  and it quickly became clear that I most definitely was not. Today there are 51,000+ EYs advocates from around the world standing up for EYs.


Keeping Early Years Unique has evolved from an Early Years facebook page into a movement. It is a movement, bringing together and empowering early years advocates from around the world, promoting respectful practice, with children and their unique development at its core. 


We are having to stand up against the testing of small children in English and Maths. We are having to stand up against developmentally inapproprarite practice defined by those who have never walked a day in an EYs environment.

We are having stand up against funding cuts and the promises of “free childcare” that see our settings closing their doors or left short staffed, unable to support the most vulnerable childen.


But we do not stand alone. The world of social media has brought us together and makes us impossible to ignore.


If you stand with me and 51,000+ others please join us on Facebook and Twitter.